1. Incident Name:

  • Log:#1060/KCNARES DMR Net
  • 2. Operational Period:

    Date From: 2019-01-22 To: 2019-01-22
    Time From: 18:42:09 To: 18:54:24

    3. Name:
    Choose a Frequency

    4. ICS Position:
    Will Akin, Clay Co. Emergency Mgr Mike O'Neal, Platte Co. Emergency Mgr

    5. Home Agency (and Unit):
     Kansas City North ARES (KCNARES)

    6. Resources Assigned:

    Callsign & Name

    Band, ICS Position & Tactical

    Time On Duty CREDS, Home Agency (and Unit)
    W0KCN Dennis (N0UYN) Crawford Primary Net Control Net 00:12:15 NARES, MO Clay Co., Dist. A
    W0DLK Deb Kaiser Net Logger DLK 00:07:56 NARES, MO Platte Co., Dist. A
    WA0TJT Keith Kaiser Operator TJT 00:07:08 NARES, MO Platte Co., Dist. A
    K0KEX Rick SMITH Operator KEX 00:06:45 NARES, MO Platte Co., Dist. A
    KA0SXY Dennis Carpenter Operator SXY 00:06:38 NARES, MO Clay Co., Dist. A
    KB0ZVO Harold Wagoner Operator ZVO 00:06:12 NARES, MO Clinton Co., Dist. H
    KD0FUE Steve Smith Operator FUE 00:04:45 NARES, MO Clay Co., Dist. A
    WB5RKU Jim Terry Operator RKU 00:04:29 MO Clay Co., Dist. A
    AK0SK Sila Kissuu Operator Sila 00:03:57 NARES, MO Clay Co., Dist. A
    W0JSH John Heavener Operator JSH 00:03:49 MO Platte Co., Dist. A
    KC0YSY Steve Hoeger Operator YSY 00:02:34 NARES/KCHEART, MO Platte Co., Dist. A
    11 Stations Total Volunteer Hours 01:06:28

    7. Activity Log:


    Notable Activities

    2019-01-22 18:42:09 N0UYN: Dennis Crawford Opened the net from on Choose a Frequency
    2019-01-22 18:42:09 GENCOMM: Kansas City: Light Freezing Rain and Fog/Mist, 32F, wind: N @ 15, humidity: 92%
    2019-01-22 18:46:36 W0DLK: Role Changed to: Log
    2019-01-22 18:48:37 KA0SXY: Traffic set to: Announcement
    2019-01-22 18:48:50 KA0SXY: Reg Mtg this Thurs
    2019-01-22 18:49:09 KA0SXY: Traffic set to: Sent
    2019-01-22 18:54:24 W0DLK: The log was closed

    8. Prepared by: Dennis (N0UYN) Crawford , Net Control Operator

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