1. Incident Name:

  • Log:#1312/Eastern Jackson Co. RACES/ECS Weekly 2 Meter Voice Net
  • 2. Operational Period:

    Date From: 2019-05-14 To: 2019-05-14
    Time From: 20:28:27 To: 20:40:48

    3. Name:
    Eastern Jackson Co. RACES/ECS Weekly 2 Meter Voice Net
    145.310(-) No Tone

    4. ICS Position:

    5. Home Agency (and Unit):

    6. Resources Assigned:

    Callsign & Name

    Band, ICS Position & Tactical

    Time On Duty CREDS, Home Agency (and Unit)
    W0TBL Tucker Livingston Primary Net Control Net 00:12:21 MO Clay Co., Dist. A
    KD0MDF Jim Bailey Operator MDF 00:08:54 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A
    KE0JJU Tom Barden Operator JJU 00:08:36 MO Jackson Co., Dist.
    KE0UWO Pat O'brien Operator UWO 00:08:24 MO Clay Co., Dist.
    KE0JKG Kathy Pierce Operator JKG 00:08:06 MO Jackson Co., Dist.
    KE0NSS Steve Riley Operator NSS 00:06:57 MO Jackson Co., Dist.
    KB0YUV Cliff Dunning Operator YUV 00:06:20 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A
    KE0JXL Sandy DUNNING Operator KE0JXL 00:06:14 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A
    AC0QK Ralph Davis Operator QK 00:06:08 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A
    WD0DD Dan Deckert Operator DD 00:05:57 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A
    KE0PZT Bruce Darrington Operator PZT 00:05:32 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A
    11 Stations Total Volunteer Hours 01:23:29

    7. Activity Log:


    Notable Activities

    2019-05-14 20:28:27 W0TBL: Tucker Livingston Opened the net from on 145.310(-) No Tone
    2019-05-14 20:28:27 GENCOMM: Kansas City: Mostly Clear, 80.1F, wind: SW @ 10, humidity: 49%
    2019-05-14 20:40:32 W0TBL: I will be activating McCoy Park as part of the Santa Fe ARC special event this Saturday at 0900. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. This is not an official Independence EP event.
    2019-05-14 20:40:48 W0TBL: The log was closed

    8. Prepared by: Tucker Livingston , Net Control Operator

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