1. Incident Name: Log:#3760/ Check-in Net

2. Operational Period:

Date From: 2021-04-07 To: 2021-04-07
Time From: 00:00:02 To: 00:30:24

3. Name:
Check-in Net
146.700(-) PL-107.2Hz

4. ICS Position:

5. Home Agency (Unit and Team):
 Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators (Hams)

6. Resources Assigned:

Callsign, Name & email

Band, ICS Position & Tactical

Time On Duty CREDS, Home Agency (Unit and Team)
WA0OFM Timothy Smith
Primary Net Control Net 00:30:22 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
W0NRP Neil Preston
Operator NRP 00:29:33 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
W0JWT John Totzke
Operator JWT 00:29:04 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
AB0O John Ford
Operator O 00:25:10 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
WB0C Benjamin Mulford
Operator C 00:23:22 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
KD0HOY Ronald Yearns
Operator HOY 00:22:03 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
W9LBG Leverette Gregory
Operator LBG 00:19:28 MO Henry Co., Dist. A,
KC0ENK Shawn Blackmore
Operator ENK 00:16:29 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
KB0YUV Clifford Dunning
Operator YUV 00:14:04 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
KC0QIG Rod Rodvelt
Operator QIG 00:13:53 NARES, MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
N0CS Pete Jackson
Operator CS 00:11:22 KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
KE0YGW Thomas Brenneman
Operator YGW 00:08:25 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
KB0DFC Brady Jeffers
Operator DFC 00:05:42 MO Lafayette Co., Dist. A,
KF0ASB Ryan Hurst
Operator ASB 00:03:51 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
N0GRP Rob Sullivan
Operator GRP 00:02:02 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
15 Stations Total Volunteer Hours 04:14:50

7. Activity Log:


Notable Activities

2021-04-07 00:00:02 WA0OFM: Timothy Smith Opened the net from on 146.700(-) PL-107.2Hz by:
2021-04-07 00:00:02 WEATHER: Kansas City: Clear, 77F, wind: S @ 66, humidity: 47%
2021-04-07 00:00:51 W0NRP: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:01:20 W0JWT: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:04:30 KB0OXT: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:05:14 AB0O: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:05:19 GENCOMM: The call KB0OXT with this ID was deleted
2021-04-07 00:07:02 WB0C: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:08:21 KD0HOY: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:10:56 W9LBG: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:13:55 KC0ENK: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:16:20 KB0YUV: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:16:31 KC0QIG: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:19:02 N0CS: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:21:59 KE0YGW: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:24:42 KB0DFC: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:26:33 KF0ASB: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:28:22 N0GRP: Initial Log In
2021-04-07 00:30:24 WA0OFM: The log was closed, ICS-214 Created

8. Prepared by: Timothy Smith , Net Control Operator

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