1. Incident Name: Log:#4128/ Weekly 2 Meter Voice

2. Operational Period:

Date From: 2021-06-23 To: 2021-06-23
Time From: 00:59:59 To: 01:52:02

3. Name:
Weekly 2 Meter Voice
145.470 Mhz(+) PL100.0Hz

4. ICS Position:

5. Home Agency (Unit and Team):
 Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators (Hams)

6. Resources Assigned:

Callsign, Name & email

Band, ICS Position & Tactical

Time On Duty CREDS, Home Agency (Unit and Team)
KF5KUW Mark Hetherington
Primary Net Control Net 00:52:03 TX Fannin Co., Dist.,
KI5LVS Dabrahan Borgardt
Operator LVS 00:50:59 TX Collin Co., Dist.,
K5MJD Michael Durbin
Operator MJD 00:50:54 TX Fannin Co., Dist.,
KI5FHN Sharon Mceachern
Operator FHN 00:50:36 TX Fannin Co., Dist.,
W5MOY Joel Binford
Operator MOY 00:50:26 TX Fannin Co., Dist.,
N5OMD James Thomas
Operator OMD 00:50:18 TX Fannin Co., Dist.,
K5JSJ Jeffrey Jones
Operator JSJ 00:50:07 TX Fannin Co., Dist.,
KI5DQ James Hunt
Operator DQ 00:49:49 TX Grayson Co., Dist.,
KD5UNY Michael Lindsey
Operator UNY 00:47:57 TX Fannin Co., Dist.,
K5STG Philip St George
Operator STG 00:47:37 TX Fannin Co., Dist.,
KI5PZF Sarah Richardson
Operator PZF 00:47:15 TX Fannin Co., Dist.,
KI5ION David Bruner
Operator ION 00:46:56 OK Bryan Co., Dist.,
KI5JVO Collin Barnett
Operator JVO 00:46:48 OK Bryan Co., Dist.,
KF5SOX Jessie Brown
Operator SOX 00:46:28 TX Grayson Co., Dist.,
KI5MHH Christopher Vaughan
Operator MHH 00:46:13 TX Hunt Co., Dist.,
KI5PZE Jeff Peeler
Operator PZE 00:45:33 TX Fannin Co., Dist.,
KE5GIB Jo Lindsey
Operator GIB 00:33:46 TX Fannin Co., Dist.,
17 Stations Total Volunteer Hours 13:33:45

7. Activity Log:


Notable Activities

2021-06-23 00:59:59 KF5KUW: Mark Hetherington Opened the net from on 145.470 Mhz(+) PL100.0Hz by:
2021-06-23 00:59:59 WEATHER: Leonard: Clear, 32F, wind: N @ 0, humidity: 0%
2021-06-23 01:01:03 KI5LVS: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:01:08 K5MJD: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:01:26 KI5FHN: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:01:36 W5MOY: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:01:44 N5OMD: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:01:55 K5JSJ: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:02:13 KI5DQ: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:04:05 KD5UNY: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:04:25 K5STG: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:04:47 KI5PZF: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:05:06 KI5ION: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:05:14 KI5JVO: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:05:34 KF5SOX: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:05:49 KI5MHH: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:06:29 KI5PZE: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:08:37 KI5LVS: on echolink, plan to be at Field Day with trailer...
2021-06-23 01:09:01 KI5LVS: foldout table, 2 outside chairs; generator, long power cord
2021-06-23 01:11:05 K5MJD: Field Day - bringing cox, tools, cabling, generator running; does he need to bring HF vertical?
2021-06-23 01:13:59 KI5FHN: can't wait for field day; wants to work ISS,
2021-06-23 01:16:25 N5OMD: short Field Day, has other activities...
2021-06-23 01:17:47 KI5DQ: Field Day - power grid, food to eat, trusty tent; backup generator; planning to spend the night
2021-06-23 01:18:16 KE5GIB: Initial Log In
2021-06-23 01:19:34 KD5UNY: bringing cake, fold-up table, radio; vertical antenna, hope it doesn't rain...
2021-06-23 01:22:03 KI5PZF: don't have anything to say about the antenna; got to take the motorcycle out today, but no way to talk on the radio;
2021-06-23 01:22:46 K5STG: no response
2021-06-23 01:23:55 KI5ION: looking forward to Field Day, learning new things
2021-06-23 01:26:01 KI5JVO: planning to be at Field Day, hopefully no rain, anxious to see how a vertical works against a dipole;
2021-06-23 01:27:00 KF5SOX: I will come visit after working cattle; bringing new ham (General Class); tailgate sale in Denison
2021-06-23 01:29:05 KI5MHH: Will be at Field Day, bring pop-up camper staying the night;
2021-06-23 01:29:59 KI5PZE: plans to attend Field Day, want to learn more about a vertical antenna; planning to use a tent
2021-06-23 01:31:33 KE5GIB: very excited to come to Field Day; good food, no rain, hopefully learn from each other; chocolate cake;
2021-06-23 01:32:48 K5MJD: vertical is for sale... will paint it so it can be put together easily
2021-06-23 01:33:14 K5JSJ: no response
2021-06-23 01:33:20 K5STG: no response
2021-06-23 01:43:48 W5MOY: Dixie is ready to take her Technician test this Saturday
2021-06-23 01:49:10 K5JSJ: had to switch from the computer; had to go to grocery store; looking forward to the competition
2021-06-23 01:52:02 KF5KUW: The log was closed, ICS-214 Created

8. Prepared by: Mark Hetherington , Net Control Operator

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