1. Incident Name:

  • Log:#724/Missouri Emergency Services Net
  • 2. Operational Period:

    Date From: 2018-07-08 To: 2018-07-08
    Time From: 17:15:51 To: 18:20:22

    3. Name:
    Missouri Emergency Services Net
    80m or 40m

    4. ICS Position:

    5. Home Agency (and Unit):

    6. Resources Assigned:

    Callsign & Name

    Band, ICS Position & Tactical

    Time On Duty CREDS, Home Agency (and Unit)
    MESN BILL (W0WTS) SWEENEY Primary Net Control Net 01:04:31 CARROLL CO. EC, MO Carroll Co., Dist. A
    KC0ELZ Joel Grieshaber Operator ELZ 00:48:21 MESN, MO Jackson Co., Dist. A
    KC0UGO Mike Brown Operator UG 00:21:53 MO Ray Co., Dist. A
    N0UMP Bill Schrock Operator UMP 00:21:45 MESN, MO Cass Co., Dist. A
    WA0BGV Carroll Hayden Operator BGV 00:21:35 MESN, MO Cass Co., Dist. A
    KI0I Mark Mills Operator 00:21:33 MESN, MO Cass Co., Dist. A
    KD0CNC Rick Wade Operator CNC 00:21:20 MESN, MO Benton Co., Dist. A
    AA0JT Duane SEIBOLD Operator JT 00:20:35 MESN, MO Macon Co., Dist. B
    KD0HHN Donald Vary Operator HHN 00:20:25 MESN, MO Marion Co., Dist. B
    WB2UFO Laurence Lauer Operator UFO 00:19:45 MESN, MO Ralls Co., Dist. B
    N0HMS Ross Illsley Operator HMS 00:18:50 MESN, MO St. Francois Co., Dist. C
    K0TPY Paul Hinrichs Operator TPY 00:18:43 MESN, MO Franklin Co., Dist. C
    WA0VHI Thomas Rankin Operator VHI 00:18:35 MESN, MO St. Charles Co., Dist. C
    W0AVG Robert PLOEGER Operator AVG 00:18:26 MO Warren Co., Dist. C
    AE0DR Gordon Denno Operator DR 00:18:19 MESN, MO St. Charles Co., Dist. C
    K0RPJ Robert Jones Operator RPJ 00:17:35 MESN, MO Carter Co., Dist. G
    N0XWR Jerry Holcomb Operator XWR 00:16:59 MESN, MO Jasper Co., Dist. D
    NZ0T William Carpenter Operator T 00:16:51 MESN, MO Barry Co., Dist. D
    WM0H Dewey Bennett Operator H 00:16:43 MESN, MO Polk Co., Dist. D
    NA0OO Marvin Thompson Operator 00:16:27 MESN, MO Jasper Co., Dist. D
    KC0MQU Jerry Vacker Operator MQU 00:16:01 MESN, MO Lawrence Co., Dist. D
    KD0MZL David Swords Operator MZL 00:15:22 MESN, MO Scott Co., Dist. E
    KD0GY Arthur Langston Operator GY 00:14:18 MESN, MO Cole Co., Dist. F
    N8HSD Harold Jacobson Operator HSD 00:13:50 MESN, MO Boone Co., Dist. F
    AC0G Michael KEHLENBECK Operator G 00:11:14 MN Dakota Co., Dist. F
    AC0WZ Dan Schaper Operator WZ 00:10:17 MESN, MO Callaway Co., Dist. F
    N0UB David Lancey Operator UB 00:10:01 MO Holt Co., Dist. H
    KB0ETI LeRoy Schebaum Operator ETI 00:09:09 MESN, MO Crawford Co., Dist. I
    WB4YMN Grady VASSAR Operator YMN 00:07:51 MESN, TN Moore Co., Dist.
    W4OWX Gordon HENNON Operator OWX 00:05:39 MESN, TN Moore Co., Dist.
    KC0MFW Jason Kendrick Operator MFW 00:02:32 IA Union Co., Dist.
    KC9NNT Robert Bledsoe Operator NNT 00:02:04 MO Butler Co., Dist. E
    32 Stations Total Volunteer Hours 09:37:29

    7. Activity Log:


    Notable Activities

    2018-07-08 17:15:51 W0WTS: BILL Sweeney Opened the net from on 80m or 40m
    2018-07-08 17:15:51 GENCOMM: Carrollton: Clear, 90F, wind: N @ 7, humidity: 30%
    2018-07-08 18:05:39 KD0GYC: First Log In
    2018-07-08 18:06:52 GENCOMM: The call KD0GYC with this ID was deleted
    2018-07-08 18:07:45 K0RPJ: This is a dupe
    2018-07-08 18:08:24 GENCOMM: The call WB6ARF with this ID was deleted
    2018-07-08 18:08:34 GENCOMM: The call K0RPJ with this ID was deleted
    2018-07-08 18:17:10 GENCOMM: The call W4GMI with this ID was deleted
    2018-07-08 18:20:22 W0WTS: The log was closed

    8. Prepared by: BILL (W0WTS) SWEENEY , Net Control Operator

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