1. Incident Name: Log:#7698/Stateline ARES ARES

2. Operational Period:

Date From: 2022-11-17 To: 2022-11-17
Time From: 01:10:30 To: 02:34:42

3. Name:
Stateline ARES ARES
Stateline Linked Repeater System

4. ICS Position:

5. Home Agency (Unit and Team):
 Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators (Hams)

6. Resources Assigned:

Callsign, Name & email

Band, ICS Position & Tactical

Time On Duty CREDS, Home Agency (Unit and Team)
KB0PQP Tyler Costantini
Primary Net Control Net 01:24:12 KS Crawford Co., Dist.,
WE0V Elaine Loyd
Operator V 00:58:46 MO Jasper Co., Dist.,
KG0W Matthew Kassawara
Operator W 00:58:34 KS Crawford Co., Dist.,
N0IGZ Frank Gilliland
Operator IGZ 00:58:13 KS Labette Co., Dist.,
KF0HHG Nicholas Jamison
Operator HHG 00:53:01 MO Cedar Co., Dist. D,
N0OTS Ralph Waldren
Operator OTS 00:35:51 KS Crawford Co., Dist. 4,
N0YH Chris Hunt
Operator YH 00:35:47 MO Newton Co., Dist.,
N3LRH Leon Heer
Operator LRH 00:35:44 KS Crawford Co., Dist.,
W4QYV Avery Hill
Operator QYV 00:35:39 SC Berkeley Co., Dist.,
K5MCK Elmer Mckenzie
Operator MCK 00:35:32 MS Amite Co., Dist.,
N5STR Timothy Ryder
Operator STR 00:35:28 MO Barton Co., Dist.,
KE0WSY Justin Ziesenis
Operator WSY 00:35:24 KS Crawford Co., Dist.,
W0HL Dennis Kimrey
Operator HL 00:30:00 MESN, MO Vernon Co., Dist. D,
13 Stations Total Volunteer Hours 09:52:11

7. Activity Log:


Notable Activities

2022-11-17 01:10:30 KB0PQP: Tyler Costantini Opened the net from on Stateline Linked Repeater System by:
2022-11-17 01:10:30 WEATHER: Pittsburg: Clear, 28.9F, wind: WNW @ 21, humidity: 58%
2022-11-17 01:35:56 WE0V: Initial Log In
2022-11-17 01:36:08 KG0W: Initial Log In
2022-11-17 01:36:29 N0IGZ: Initial Log In
2022-11-17 01:41:41 KF0HHG: Initial Log In
2022-11-17 01:58:51 N0OTS: Initial Log In
2022-11-17 01:58:55 N0YH: Initial Log In
2022-11-17 01:58:58 N3LRH: Initial Log In
2022-11-17 01:59:03 W4QYV: Initial Log In
2022-11-17 01:59:10 K5MCK: Initial Log In
2022-11-17 01:59:14 N5STR: Initial Log In
2022-11-17 01:59:18 KE0WSY: Initial Log In
2022-11-17 02:04:42 W0HL: Initial Log In
2022-11-19 20:35:39 GENCOMM: Programatically closed by WA0TJT

8. Prepared by: Tyler Costantini , Net Control Operator

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