1. Incident Name: Log:#7753/Missouri Emergency Services Weekly 80 Meter Voice

2. Operational Period:

Date From: 2022-11-27 To: 2022-11-27
Time From: 19:18:44 To: 20:34:29

3. Name:
Missouri Emergency Services Weekly 80 Meter Voice
3.963MHz LSB

4. ICS Position:

5. Home Agency (Unit and Team):
 Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators (Hams)

6. Resources Assigned:

Callsign, Name & email

Band, ICS Position & Tactical

Time On Duty CREDS, Home Agency (Unit and Team)
WA0TJT Keith Kaiser
Net Logger Net 01:15:45 ZOOM, MO Platte Co., Dist. A,
KD0NBH John Britton
Operator NBH 01:07:02 ZOOM, MO Clay Co., Dist. A,
N0OCP Joye Mcelwee
Primary Net Control OCP 01:06:37 MESN, MO Polk Co., Dist. D,
KF4MXF Linda Lathrop
Relay Station MXF 01:04:14 MESN, MO Laclede Co., Dist. I,
KF0CTR Jeffrey Fields
Operator CTR 01:02:36 MO St. Louis Co., Dist. C,
N0RIC Larry Ford
Operator RIC 01:01:51 MESN, MO Dunklin Co., Dist. E,
AC7YK Leister Bowling
Operator YK 01:00:59 MESN, MO Christian Co., Dist. D,
W0NRP Neil Preston
Operator NRP 00:59:10 MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
N0SAX Jack Vantrump
Operator SAX 00:53:24 MESN/Carroll Co. EC/KCHEA & Carroll County Hospita, MO Carroll Co., Dist. A,
K0KEX Rick Smith
Net Logger KEX 00:52:15 MESN/NARES/Red Cross, MO Platte Co., Dist. A,
W0WTS Bill Sweeney
Relay Station WTS 00:45:07 MESN/Carroll Co. EC/KCHEAT , MO Carroll Co., Dist. A,
KD0NEM Cliff Beuterbaugh
Operator NEM 00:44:05 MO Greene Co., Dist. D,
N0ET William Schrock
Operator ET 00:27:48 MO Cass Co., Dist. A,
W0RDE Leif Bahl
Operator RDE 00:27:44 MO Platte Co., Dist. A,
W0JWT John Totzke
Operator JWT 00:27:28 KCHEART, Jackson county ARES, MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
KB0DFC Brady Jeffers
Operator DFC 00:27:04 MO Lafayette Co., Dist. A,
KD0GDX David Stickel
Operator GDX 00:26:58 Belton Regional Medical Center, MO Jackson Co., Dist. A,
WB0HLW Charles Roberts
Operator HLW 00:24:11 MO Macon Co., Dist. B,
W0RL Roland Kramer
Operator RL 00:22:18 MO St. Louis Co., Dist. C,
KD0CIV Dolores Guittar
Operator CIV 00:22:14 MO St. Louis Co., Dist. C,
N0DF David Burtrum
Operator DF 00:19:11 MO Greene Co., Dist. D,
N0OTS Ralph Waldren
Operator OTS 00:18:51 KS Crawford Co., Dist. 4,
W0DCH Donald Hillier
Operator DCH 00:18:48 MO Greene Co., Dist. D,
NZ0T William Carpenter
Operator T 00:18:35 MESN, MO Barry Co., Dist. D,
N0SAJ Jeff Dawson
Operator SAJ 00:18:14 MO St. Clair Co., Dist. D,
K0EAV John Wall
Operator EAV 00:16:57 MO Christian Co., Dist. D,
KD0LBL Larry Rickman
Operator LBL 00:15:24 MO Cape Girardeau Co., Dist. E,
K2HT Harold Thompson
Operator HT 00:14:11 MESN, MO Montgomery Co., Dist. F,
KE0MEQ Stanley Davies
Operator MEQ 00:14:02 MO Callaway Co., Dist. F,
N8HSD Harold Jacobson
Operator HSD 00:13:49 MESN, MO Boone Co., Dist. F,
WB0IXS Michael Wood
Operator IXS 00:13:42 MO Audrain Co., Dist. F,
AC0WZ Dan Schaper
Operator WZ 00:13:31 MESN, MO Callaway Co., Dist. F,
W0JFH James Horobec
Operator JFH 00:11:12 MESN, MO Texas Co., Dist. G,
N0UB David Lancey
Operator UB 00:09:42 MO Holt Co., Dist. H,
KB0ETI Leroy Schebaum
Operator ETI 00:03:11 MESN, MO Crawford Co., Dist. I,
35 Stations Total Volunteer Hours 18:58:10

7. Activity Log:


Notable Activities

2022-11-27 19:18:44 WA0TJT: Keith Kaiser Opened the net from on 3.963MHz LSB by:
2022-11-27 19:18:44 WEATHER: Kansas City: Mostly Cloudy, 43F, wind: WNW @ 50, humidity: 70%
2022-11-27 19:18:49 WA0TJT: Role Changed to: Log
2022-11-27 19:27:27 KD0NBH: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 19:27:52 N0OCP: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 19:29:31 N0OCP: Role Changed to: PRM
2022-11-27 19:30:15 KF4MXF: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 19:31:53 KF0CTR: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 19:32:38 N0RIC: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 19:32:46 KF4MXF: Role Changed to: RELAY
2022-11-27 19:33:30 AC7YK: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 19:35:03 W0NDF: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 19:35:19 W0NRP: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 19:35:55 GENCOMM: The call W0NDF with this ID was deleted
2022-11-27 19:41:05 N0SAX: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 19:42:14 K0KEX: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 19:49:22 W0WTS: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 19:50:24 KD0NEM: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:03:47 W0NRP: Digital Radio Net Follows this Net on 3598
2022-11-27 20:04:55 N0OCP: Unable to continue as NCS after 12/11/22
2022-11-27 20:06:41 N0ET: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:06:45 W0RDE: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:07:01 W0JWT: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:07:25 KB0DFC: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:07:31 KD0GDX: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:08:14 W0WTS: Role Changed to: RELAY
2022-11-27 20:08:15 W0NRP: Role Removed
2022-11-27 20:10:18 WB0HLW: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:11:29 K0KEX: Role Changed to: Log
2022-11-27 20:12:11 W0RL: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:12:15 KD0CIV: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:15:18 N0DF: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:15:38 N0OTS: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:15:41 W0DCH: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:15:54 NZ0T: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:16:15 N0SAJ: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:17:32 K0EAV: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:19:05 KD0LBL: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:19:17 KD0LBL: EPA
2022-11-27 20:20:18 K2HT: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:20:27 KE0MEQ: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:20:40 N8HSD: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:20:47 WB0IXS: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:20:58 AC0WZ: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:21:42 WB0IXS: EPA
2022-11-27 20:23:17 W0JFH: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:23:28 W0JFH: EPA
2022-11-27 20:24:47 N0UB: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:31:18 KB0ETI: Initial Log In
2022-11-27 20:34:29 WA0TJT: The log was closed, ICS-214 Created

8. Prepared by: Joye Mcelwee , Net Control Operator

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