Donald Brown ICS 214


1. Incident Name: Log:#7802/Los Angeles Amateur Radio Club Weekly
  • Has Sub Nets: 7805
  • 2. Operational Period:

    Date From: 2022-12-04 To: 2022-12-04
    Time From: 04:04:56 To: 05:42:25

    3. Name:
    Los Angeles Amateur Radio Club Weekly
    448.84 MHz, T131.8

    4. ICS Position:

    5. Home Agency (Unit and Team):
     Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators (Hams)

    6. Resources Assigned:

    Callsign, Name & email

    Band, ICS Position & Tactical

    Time On Duty CREDS, Home Agency (Unit and Team)
    W6DCB Donald Brown
    Primary Net Control Net 01:37:29 CA Los Angeles Co., Dist.
    KJ6CDA Clifton Harris
    Operator CDA 01:36:26 CA Kern Co., Dist.
    KM6IGX Lorraine Curry
    Operator IGX 01:35:07 CA Los Angeles Co., Dist.
    KK6VOD Rosalie Preston
    Operator VOD 01:34:45 CA Los Angeles Co., Dist.
    KE6CAG Theodore Jones
    Operator CAG 01:34:32 TN Shelby Co., Dist.
    KI4ECY Carlos Williams
    Operator ECY 01:32:48 VA Henrico Co., Dist.
    K6COB Carolyn Burleson
    Operator COB 01:31:20 CA Los Angeles Co., Dist.
    WB5VYR Charles Taylor
    Operator VYR 01:29:33 TX Guadalupe Co., Dist.
    KJ6OSV Laverne Carter
    Operator OSV 01:27:47 CA Los Angeles Co., Dist.
    KJ6JQA Peter Swearingen
    Operator JQA 01:27:36 CA San Bernardino Co., Dist.
    N6VOH Barry Fitchew
    Operator VOH 01:25:25 CA Riverside Co., Dist.
    KE6CZH Robert Traylor
    Operator CZH 01:23:18 CA San Bernardino Co., Dist.
    KD6OLH Archie Buchanan
    Operator OLH 01:22:30 CA Los Angeles Co., Dist.
    W6BRC Richard Shyer
    Operator BRC 01:21:00 CA San Bernardino Co., Dist.
    KJ6JKA Willard Young
    Operator JKA 01:19:25 CA Orange Co., Dist.
    KW6RON Ronald Terrell
    Operator RON 01:14:27 CA Los Angeles Co., Dist.
    N6CFT Frank Taylor
    Operator CFT 01:12:23 CA Los Angeles Co., Dist.
    N7UFT Dana Dulabone
    Operator UFT 01:09:45 CA Los Angeles Co., Dist.
    18 Stations Total Volunteer Hours 25:55:36

    7. Activity Log:


    Notable Activities

    2022-12-04 04:04:56 W6DCB: Donald Brown Opened the net from on 448.84 MHz, T131.8 by:
    2022-12-04 04:04:56 WEATHER: Los Angeles: Clear, 60.1F, wind: N @ 0, humidity: 90%
    2022-12-04 04:05:59 KJ6CDA: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:07:18 KM6IGX: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:07:40 KK6VOD: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:07:53 KE6CAG: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:09:37 KI4ECY: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:11:05 K6COB: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:12:52 WB5VYR: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:14:38 KJ6OSV: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:14:49 KJ6JQA: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:17:00 N6VOH: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:19:07 KE6CZH: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:19:55 KD6OLH: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:21:25 W6BRC: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:23:00 KJ6JKA: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:27:58 KW6RON: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:30:02 N6CFT: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 04:32:40 N7UFT: Initial Log In
    2022-12-04 05:42:25 W6DCB: The log was closed, ICS-214 Created

    8. Prepared by: Donald Brown , Net Control Operator

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