1. Incident Name: Log:#7854/Jarbalo Amateur Radio Association Weekly Fusion Training Net

2. Operational Period:

Date From: 2022-12-12 To: 2022-12-12
Time From: 00:26:04 To: 01:34:09

3. Name:
Jarbalo Amateur Radio Association Weekly Fusion Training Net
444.800+ DN TX00 RX00

4. ICS Position:

5. Home Agency (Unit and Team):
 Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators (Hams)

6. Resources Assigned:

Callsign, Name & email

Band, ICS Position & Tactical

Time On Duty CREDS, Home Agency (Unit and Team)
Primary Net Control Net 01:08:05 MECC, KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
KF0KBC Keith Collier
Net Logger KBC 00:34:40 KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
W0LYQ Ed Robarge
Operator LYQ 00:31:57 KCHEART, KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
KC5VKG Douglas Thomas
Operator VKG 00:31:43 KS Allen Co., Dist. 4,
K0MDP Max Pfrimmer
Operator MDP 00:31:25 KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
NB0R Brian Resch
Operator R 00:30:23 KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
N0ZZN Steven Roady
Operator ZZN 00:30:12 KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
W0MNA Gary Auchard
Operator MNA 00:30:01 KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
KE0SYO Vic Henke
Operator SYO 00:29:50 Cushing Memorial Hospital, KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
WA0SRS Steve Stalker
Operator SRS 00:28:23 KS Wyandotte Co., Dist. 4,
KD7QOR Ed Menard
Operator QOR 00:27:55 Cushing Memorial Hospital, KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
K0AVN David Rousseau
Operator AVN 00:24:39 NC Moore Co., Dist. 4,
K0AWW Randy Brooks
Operator AWW 00:14:14 KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
13 Stations Total Volunteer Hours 06:53:27

7. Activity Log:


Notable Activities

2022-12-12 00:26:04 NJ0P: Rick REICHERT Opened the net from on 444.800+ DN TX00 RX00 by:
2022-12-12 00:26:04 WEATHER: Kansas City: Clear, 36F, wind: ENE @ 12, humidity: 82%
2022-12-12 00:59:29 KF0KBC: Initial Log In
2022-12-12 00:59:40 KF0KBC: Role Changed to: Log
2022-12-12 01:02:12 W0LYQ: Initial Log In
2022-12-12 01:02:19 W0LYQ: wiresX
2022-12-12 01:02:26 KC5VKG: Initial Log In
2022-12-12 01:02:32 KC5VKG: wiresX
2022-12-12 01:02:44 K0MDP: Initial Log In
2022-12-12 01:02:48 K0MDP: PiStar
2022-12-12 01:03:46 NB0R: Initial Log In
2022-12-12 01:03:57 N0ZZN: Initial Log In
2022-12-12 01:04:08 W0MNA: Initial Log In
2022-12-12 01:04:19 KE0SYO: Initial Log In
2022-12-12 01:05:46 WA0SRS: Initial Log In
2022-12-12 01:06:14 KD7QOR: Initial Log In
2022-12-12 01:09:30 K0AVN: Initial Log In
2022-12-12 01:09:41 K0AVN: PiStar
2022-12-12 01:13:22 NJ0P: Raspberry Pie was a topic of discussion//raspberrypie.org
2022-12-12 01:16:17 NJ0P: several ays to get on board, DIY or numerous dealers
2022-12-12 01:16:28 NJ0P: several WAYS
2022-12-12 01:19:29 K0AVN: filling in gaps: he started a couple years ago/ mentioned that he would be willing to send out paperwork on getting started starting $50-60 or so. He uses the WiresX mode as the system. its a fun project once you get started with them.
2022-12-12 01:19:55 K0AWW: Initial Log In
2022-12-12 01:20:26 K0AWW: echo Dave's; trickest part was getting the screens to work
2022-12-12 01:22:10 KF0KBC: rcvd picture, willing to participate in a build kit night
2022-12-12 01:23:12 W0LYQ: uses PiStar/hotspot frequently/ actually needs to get rid of some/will try to bring some to next meeting. Similar to randy as far as the screen issue.
2022-12-12 01:24:32 KC5VKG: has been out of the net for a bit//interested in PiStar information // not much else as most projects on hold for holidays
2022-12-12 01:25:36 K0MDP: very appreciative that he got a hotspot before Dave left
2022-12-12 01:26:29 NB0R: has PiStar that he uses reguraly
2022-12-12 01:26:45 NB0R: NCM acting funny
2022-12-12 01:27:42 N0ZZN: uses PiStar quite a bit
2022-12-12 01:28:19 W0MNA: i am getting him very broken
2022-12-12 01:29:27 W0MNA: still could not hear on HT
2022-12-12 01:29:55 KE0SYO: RCVD pic, has PiStar and works great
2022-12-12 01:30:34 WA0SRS: may get with Ed on the PiStar
2022-12-12 01:31:15 KD7QOR: nothing heard
2022-12-12 01:32:13 K0AVN: GENERAL: good to have a generator back up as they are still having electrical issues in NC// gave more detailed information to PiStar variations
2022-12-12 01:33:11 K0AWW: GENERAL: described his various PiStar modules
2022-12-12 01:33:37 N0ZZN: RCVD pic
2022-12-12 01:34:09 KF0KBC: The log was closed, ICS-214 Created

8. Prepared by: Rick REICHERT , Net Control Operator

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