Mark Goddard ICS 214


1. Incident Name: Log:#7933/ Central SC

2. Operational Period:

Date From: 2022-12-22 To: 2022-12-22
Time From: 01:26:40 To: 02:03:26

3. Name:
Central SC

4. ICS Position:

5. Home Agency (Unit and Team):
 Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators (Hams)

6. Resources Assigned:

Callsign, Name & email

Band, ICS Position & Tactical

Time On Duty CREDS, Home Agency (Unit and Team)
KN4KRZ Mark Goddard
Primary Net Control Net 00:36:46 COLUMBIA SC Richland Co., Dist.
KD4HDR Russell Rhodes
Operator HDR 00:36:25 Lexington SC Lexington Co., Dist.
KD4BP William Poston
Operator BP 00:36:11 BLYTHEWOOD SC Richland Co., Dist.
K3VCR Clay Reynolds
Operator VCR 00:35:58 Elgin SC Richland Co., Dist.
W4GWH Gary Hester
Operator GWH 00:35:37 Columbia SC Richland Co., Dist.
KC5RDA John Hartwick
Operator RDA 00:35:18 DALZELL SC Sumter Co., Dist. G
K4AJJ John Wells
Operator AJJ 00:34:59 Elgin SC Richland Co., Dist.
KM4RCN Jack Younts
Operator RCN 00:34:04 BLYTHEWOOD SC Richland Co., Dist.
K4AXV John Seibels
Operator AXV 00:33:42 Columbia SC Richland Co., Dist.
KN4SYX Reuben George
Operator SYX 00:33:25 COLUMBIA SC Richland Co., Dist.
WR0BB Robert Bogan
Operator BB 00:33:11 ST. MATTHEWS SC Calhoun Co., Dist.
KJ4TL John Compton
Operator TL 00:32:56 CAYCE SC Lexington Co., Dist.
W4TFX Jay Leeper
Operator TFX 00:32:41 HOPKINS SC Richland Co., Dist.
KN4TFH Richard Eunice
Operator TFH 00:31:55 COLUMBIA SC Richland Co., Dist.
KO4JQH Billy Galloway
Operator JQH 00:31:15 Pelion SC Lexington Co., Dist.
K4LLE Peter Emmel
Operator LLE 00:31:00 GILBERT SC Lexington Co., Dist.
K4CAE David Livingston
Operator CAE 00:30:42 Columbia SC Richland Co., Dist.
KE4IFI William Gabali
Operator IFI 00:30:00 LEXINGTON SC Lexington Co., Dist.
18 Stations Total Volunteer Hours 10:06:05

7. Activity Log:


Notable Activities

2022-12-22 01:26:40 KN4KRZ: Mark Goddard Opened the net from on 144.520MHz by:
2022-12-22 01:26:40 WEATHER: Columbia: Fog/Mist, 39F, wind: N @ 12, humidity: 96%
2022-12-22 01:27:01 KD4HDR: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:27:15 KD4BP: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:27:28 K3VCR: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:27:49 W4GWH: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:28:08 KC5RDA: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:28:27 K4AJJ: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:29:22 KM4RCN: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:29:44 K4AXV: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:30:01 KN4SYX: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:30:15 WR0BB: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:30:30 KJ4TL: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:30:45 W4TFX: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:31:31 KN4TFH: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:32:11 KO4JQH: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:32:26 K4LLE: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:32:44 K4CAE: Initial Log In
2022-12-22 01:33:26 KE4IFI: Initial Log In
2022-12-24 01:33:33 GENCOMM: Programatically closed by WA0TJT

8. Prepared by: Mark Goddard , Net Control Operator

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