1. Incident Name: Log:#7944/Leavenworth County KS ARES Weekly ARES Net

2. Operational Period:

Date From: 2022-12-23 To: 2022-12-23
Time From: 01:25:47 To: 02:11:28

3. Name:
Leavenworth County KS ARES Weekly ARES Net
147.000 MHz T151.4 Hz FM

4. ICS Position:

5. Home Agency (Unit and Team):
 Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators (Hams)

6. Resources Assigned:

Callsign, Name & email

Band, ICS Position & Tactical

Time On Duty CREDS, Home Agency (Unit and Team)
K0MDP Max Pfrimmer
Net Logger Net 00:45:41 Lansing KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
KA0DJR Dick Quinlan
Primary Net Control DJR 00:44:59 Saint Johns Hospital, LANSING KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
WA0SRS Steve Stalker
Operator SRS 00:38:33 Kansas City KS Wyandotte Co., Dist. 4,
KA0ARW Jeffrey Latz
Operator ARW 00:37:59 Lleavenworth KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
KA3LOC Ric Nelson
Operator LOC 00:37:44 LANSING KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
KD7QOR Ed Menard
Operator QOR 00:37:35 Cushing Memorial Hospital, Leavenworth KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
NJ0P Rick Reichert
Operator P 00:37:20 MECC, LANSING KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
N0CS Charles Jackson
Operator CS 00:37:06 Lansing KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
KF0KOS Guy Younger
Operator KOS 00:36:53 Easton KS Leavenworth Co., Dist.,
KB0MVT Alan Brugman
Operator MVT 00:35:01 LEAVENWORTH KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
KE0SYO Vic Henke
Operator SYO 00:15:00 Cushing Memorial Hospital, Leavenworth KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
W6BDD George Blake
Operator BDD 00:14:53 OLATHE KS Johnson Co., Dist. 4,
N0ZZN Steven Roady
Operator ZZN 00:10:13 Leavenworth KS Leavenworth Co., Dist. 4,
13 Stations Total Volunteer Hours 07:08:57

7. Activity Log:


Notable Activities

2022-12-23 01:25:47 K0MDP: Max Pfrimmer Opened the net from on 147.000 MHz T151.4 Hz FM by:
2022-12-23 01:25:47 WEATHER: Leavenworth: Clear, 32F, wind: N @ 0, humidity: 0%
2022-12-23 01:26:29 KA0DJR: Initial Log In
2022-12-23 01:26:36 K0MDP: Role Changed to: Log
2022-12-23 01:26:39 KA0DJR: Role Changed to: PRM
2022-12-23 01:32:55 WA0SRS: Initial Log In
2022-12-23 01:33:29 KA0ARW: Initial Log In
2022-12-23 01:33:44 KA3LOC: Initial Log In
2022-12-23 01:33:53 KD7QOR: Initial Log In
2022-12-23 01:34:08 NJ0P: Initial Log In
2022-12-23 01:34:17 NJ0P: Traffic set to: Announcement
2022-12-23 01:34:22 N0CS: Initial Log In
2022-12-23 01:34:35 KF0KOS: Initial Log In
2022-12-23 01:36:27 KB0MVT: Initial Log In
2022-12-23 01:38:25 WA0SRS: Enjoyed dinner. Looking forward to Christmas.
2022-12-23 01:44:49 NJ0P: Recommend referring to page 81 in current QST magazine. Looking for updates from AECs for end of year report. Reminder of TTX on 21 January in EOC conference room. Annual KCHEART meeting on 28 January. Location TBD. WX spotter training details still being worked. Looking forward to Freeze Your Keys.
2022-12-23 01:44:54 NJ0P: Traffic set to: Sent
2022-12-23 01:47:22 KA0ARW: Wishing everyone a happy holidays. Happy to remember to check into net tonight.
2022-12-23 01:48:22 KA3LOC: Merry Christmas to everyone. Working CW on HF bands. Finished Winlink Thursday exercise.
2022-12-23 01:49:21 KD7QOR: Cold up on the knob! Wishes everyone a merry Christmas and a great new year.
2022-12-23 01:52:07 N0CS: It's cold out! Feels sorry for anyone having to work outside. Working on coordinating the Buffalo Chip Net.
2022-12-23 01:54:48 KF0KOS: Programmed FT5 after work. Merry Christmas to everyone.
2022-12-23 01:56:21 KB0MVT: Doing well and staying warm. Wishes a merry Christmas to everyone.
2022-12-23 01:56:28 KE0SYO: Initial Log In
2022-12-23 01:56:35 W6BDD: Initial Log In
2022-12-23 01:57:44 KE0SYO: Had to come inside to warm up! Merry Christmas to everyone.
2022-12-23 01:58:55 W6BDD: Made it to work this morning. Stay warm!
2022-12-23 02:01:09 WA0SRS: Role Removed
2022-12-23 02:01:15 N0ZZN: Initial Log In
2022-12-23 02:02:11 N0ZZN: Staying indoors and staying warm. Just wanted to get checked in.
2022-12-23 02:06:41 KA0DJR: Buffalo Chip Net reminder at midnight on New Year's morning. Mentioned upcoming TTX and KCHEART meeting. Information on upcoming hamfest and Freeze Your Keys. Usual net preamble and club announcements.
2022-12-23 02:11:28 K0MDP: The log was closed, ICS-214 Created

8. Prepared by: Dick Quinlan , Net Control Operator

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