1. Incident Name: Log:#7960/Calhoun County Amateur Radio Association Check-in Net

2. Operational Period:

Date From: 2022-12-27 To: 2022-12-27
Time From: 01:56:30 To: 02:16:01

3. Name:
Calhoun County Amateur Radio Association Check-in Net
147.090 + pl tone 131.8

4. ICS Position:

5. Home Agency (Unit and Team):
 Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators (Hams)

6. Resources Assigned:

Callsign, Name & email

Band, ICS Position & Tactical

Time On Duty CREDS, Home Agency (Unit and Team)
N4TFN Terry Naugher
Primary Net Control Net 00:19:31 Piedmont AL Calhoun Co., Dist.,
KN4FJE John Gruenewald
Operator FJE 00:13:03 Anniston AL Calhoun Co., Dist.,
W9LN Keith Mitchell
Operator LN 00:12:15 Alexandria AL Etowah Co., Dist.,
WB4LCW Bill Heaton
Operator LCW 00:12:01 Cedartown GA Polk Co., Dist. A,
KC4AQT Allen Clay
Operator AQT 00:11:54 Cedartown GA Polk Co., Dist. A,
KN4OSO Phillip Hill
Operator OSO 00:10:34 Lineville AL Clay Co., Dist. G,
NW4M Kevin Qualls
Operator M 00:09:09 Anniston AL Calhoun Co., Dist.,
KF4LPC Jim Smith
Operator LPC 00:08:13 Talladega AL Talladega Co., Dist.,
K2VL Vic Cestaro
Operator VL 00:08:01 GoldnSprngs AL Calhoun Co., Dist.,
KN4OKY Jimmy Smith
Operator OKY 00:07:47 Oneonta AL Blount Co., Dist.,
KK4AVP James Jacksonville
Operator AVP 00:07:30 Jacksonville AL Calhoun Co., Dist.,
KK4CWX Jr Lowry
Operator CWX 00:07:18 Oneonta AL Blount Co., Dist.,
KD4GS Jimbo Ishee
Operator GS 00:07:04 Columbiana AL Shelby Co., Dist.,
KF4RGR Keith Ford
Operator RGR 00:05:48 Abernathy AL Cleburne Co., Dist.,
AB4DH Darryl Hamilton
Operator DH 00:05:03 Rainsville AL Dekalb Co., Dist.,
KM4DLW David Wilhoite
Operator DLW 00:02:27 Golden Springs AL Calhoun Co., Dist.,
KM4MPW Peggy Wilhoite
Operator MPW 00:02:21 Golden Springs AL Calhoun Co., Dist.,
KK4GXZ Bob Mayfield
Operator GXZ 00:01:39 Weaver AL Calhoun Co., Dist.,
18 Stations Total Volunteer Hours 02:31:38

7. Activity Log:


Notable Activities

2022-12-27 01:56:30 N4TFN: Terry Naugher Opened the net from on 147.090 + pl tone 131.8 by:
2022-12-27 01:56:30 WEATHER: Tupelo: Cloudy, 37F, wind: SSE @ 17, humidity: 46%
2022-12-27 02:02:58 KN4FJE: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:03:46 W9LN: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:04:00 WB4LCW: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:04:07 KC4AQT: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:05:27 KN4OSO: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:06:52 NW4M: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:07:48 KF4LPC: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:08:00 K2VL: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:08:14 KN4OKY: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:08:31 KK4AVP: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:08:43 KK4CWX: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:08:57 KD4GS: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:10:13 KF4RGR: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:10:58 AB4DH: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:13:34 KM4DLW: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:13:40 KM4MPW: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:14:22 KK4GXZ: Initial Log In
2022-12-27 02:16:01 N4TFN: The log was closed, ICS-214 Created

8. Prepared by: Terry Naugher , Net Control Operator

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