John Britton ICS 214


1. Incident Name: Log:#8234/PCARG Weekly 2 Meter Voice

2. Operational Period:

Date From: 2023-02-01 To: 2023-02-01
Time From: 01:20:30 To: 01:59:07

3. Name:
PCARG Weekly 2 Meter Voice
147.330MHz, PL151.4Hz

4. ICS Position:

5. Home Agency (Unit and Team):
 Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators (Hams)

6. Resources Assigned:

Callsign, Name & email

Band, ICS Position & Tactical

Time On Duty CREDS, Home Agency (Unit and Team)
KD0NBH John Britton
Primary Net Control Net 00:38:37 KCNARES, KANSAS CITY MO Clay Co., Dist. A
WA0JSB Leland Finley
Secondary Net Control JSB 00:26:25 RIVERSIDE MO Platte Co., Dist. A
K0RGB Russ Bryan
Net Logger RGB 00:26:20 Smithville MO Clay Co., Dist. A
KE0RFE Patrick Hoesly
Operator RFE 00:00:07 Kansas City MO Clay Co., Dist. A
N0JJA Bill Gerle
Operator JJA 00:00:06 NARES, KEARNEY MO Clay Co., Dist. A
AK0SK Sila Kissuu
Operator SK 00:00:05 NARES, Kansas City MO Clay Co., Dist. A
N0UYN Dennis Crawford
Operator UYN 00:00:06 NARES, KANSAS CITY MO Clay Co., Dist. A
N0BKE Mark Dickerson
Operator BKE 00:21:20 Kansas City MO Clay Co., Dist. A
WA0TJT Keith Kaiser
Operator TJT 00:21:13 KCNARES (AEC)
KC0RYF Debbie Liddel
Operator RYF 00:21:05 Lawrence KS Douglas Co., Dist. 1
KC0RRS Bruce Liddel
Operator RRS 00:21:01 Lawrence KS Douglas Co., Dist. 1
N0RJC Dan Carter
Operator RJC 00:20:42 Kansas City MO Clay Co., Dist. A
KF0JDQ Justin Bolin
Operator JDQ 00:20:32 Platte City MO Platte Co., Dist.
KA0SXY Dennis Carpenter
Operator SXY 00:19:37 NARES, North Kansas City MO Clay Co., Dist. A
K0KEX Rick Smith
Operator KEX 00:19:09 MESN/NARES/Red Cross, EDGERTON MO Platte Co., Dist. A
N2FSH Gary Schlotzhauer
Operator FSH 00:11:27 OLATHE KS Johnson Co., Dist. 4
16 Stations Total Volunteer Hours 04:27:52

7. Activity Log:


Notable Activities

2023-02-01 01:20:30 KD0NBH: John Britton Opened the net from on 147.330MHz, PL151.4Hz by:
2023-02-01 01:20:30 WEATHER: Kansas City: Clear, 21F, wind: WSW @ 21, humidity: 47%
2023-02-01 01:32:42 WA0JSB: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:32:47 K0RGB: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:32:57 WA0JSB: Role Changed to: 2nd
2023-02-01 01:33:03 K0RGB: Role Changed to: Log
2023-02-01 01:34:07 KE0RFE: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:34:14 KE0RFE: Status change: In-Out
2023-02-01 01:34:20 N0JJA: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:34:26 N0JJA: Status change: In-Out
2023-02-01 01:34:38 AK0SK: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:34:43 AK0SK: Status change: In-Out
2023-02-01 01:35:02 KE0RFE: Good evening to all.
2023-02-01 01:35:34 N0JJA: Retired 23 years ago today. 73
2023-02-01 01:36:02 AK0SK: Well done N0JJA and good evening to all.
2023-02-01 01:36:09 N0UYN: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:36:15 N0UYN: Status change: In-Out
2023-02-01 01:36:31 N0UYN: Good evening to all, 73.
2023-02-01 01:37:47 N0BKE: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:37:54 WA0TJT: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:38:02 KC0RYF: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:38:06 KC0RRS: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:38:25 N0RJC: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:38:35 KF0JDQ: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:39:30 KA0SXY: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:39:58 K0KEX: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:41:21 WA0JSB: Reminder PCARG is us, not PCARS.
2023-02-01 01:42:22 K0RGB: Good to see all on Saturday.
2023-02-01 01:42:46 N0BKE: Trying to stay warm, a challenge this morning!
2023-02-01 01:44:15 WA0TJT: Superlanuch date in Huntsville, AL NASA on June 15th Balloon launch on the 17th ""
2023-02-01 01:45:09 KC0RYF: 20 degrees now. Had PT today. 73 to all.
2023-02-01 01:46:30 KC0RRS: New phone yesterday. All day yesterday activating. Work in progress.
2023-02-01 01:47:06 N0RJC: Looking forward to warmer WX.
2023-02-01 01:47:40 N2FSH: Initial Log In
2023-02-01 01:48:45 KF0JDQ: Good folks here! 73 to all.
2023-02-01 01:52:32 KA0SXY: Mar 23 Storm Spotter Training 7-9pm at Platte County Resource Center by NWS for 1ST Responders only. See for Sign Up Genius. Mar 25 is the Liberty Wm Jewell College Half Marathon. Need volunteers. Go to for Sign Up Genius and instructions. "RADIO" is password where requested. Two sign up areas.
2023-02-01 01:54:26 K0KEX: KCY2 Straight Key Century Club with participation representation by NROAD. Dont forget 2023 PCARG dues.
2023-02-01 01:55:11 N2FSH: Studying for Extra. Good evening to all.
2023-02-01 01:58:58 GENCOMM: K0RGB: Correction; K3Y is the correct name of the Straight Key Century Club event mentioned in Line #11.
2023-02-01 01:59:07 K0RGB: The log was closed, ICS-214 Created

8. Prepared by: John Britton , Net Control Operator

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