ICS 309
1. Incident Name: Net#: 1329
Eastern Jackson Co. RACES/ECS Weather Net
2. Operational Period (Date/Time)
From: 2019-05-24 18:27:29
To: 2019-05-24 21:22:59
3. Radio Net Name or Position/Tactical Call 4. Radio Operator (Name, Call Sign)
W0TBL - Tucker Livingston Net Control
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
18:27:29 W0TBL W0TBL Tucker Livingston Opened the net from on 145.310(-) No Tone
18:27:29 GENCOMM GENCOMM Kansas City: Mostly Clear, 81F, wind: N @ 6, humidity: 67%
18:28:01 KE0DDR KE0DDR @ the EOC. ~4 inches/hour of rain coming this way
18:28:33 W0TBL W0TBL Using Club Call. K0EJc
18:28:52 K0EJC K0EJC Role Changed to: PRM
18:29:59 N0KZC N0KZC 23rd Sterling
18:30:49 KD0WDE KD0WDE First Log In
18:32:04 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call KD0WDE with this ID was deleted
18:32:21 KD0WNE KD0WNE 35th and Chrissler
18:36:27 N0KZC N0KZC Arrived at EOC
18:37:05 KE0JKG KE0JKG Westbound on 24
18:37:41 KD0GCV KD0GCV At home
18:38:38 KE0HEW KE0HEW First Log In
18:39:01 KE0HEW KE0HEW Light rain 291 southbound
18:40:28 K0EJC K0EJC Tornado Watch #235 in effect until midnight
18:40:58 GENCOMM GENCOMM Independence Severe Weather net 5/24/2019
18:43:12 KD0GCV KD0GCV Noland Road between 23rd and Truman
18:48:14 KD0WNE KD0WNE Brian Busby has asked about programming weather radio Hyvee in Lenexa from 1000-1300 tomorrow. Let justin know if you are attending
19:01:47 KE0JKG KE0JKG 23 and LS road
19:03:43 KI4ULL KI4ULL First Log In
19:04:04 KI4ULL KI4ULL 23 and Lees Summit road . Light Rain
19:04:59 W0TBL W0TBL Roll call complete. No contact from KE0HEW, but station was mobile. Marking station clear
19:05:19 N0KZC N0KZC @ EOC. DDR is available if needed
19:05:34 KE0DDR KE0DDR Was not by radio. marking BRB
19:05:42 KD0WNE KD0WNE at home
19:05:59 KD0GCV KD0GCV at home. Wires x tone at the start of tranmissions
19:10:51 K0EJC K0EJC Flash Flood Warning issued at 1908 until 0100
19:12:08 KI4ULL KI4ULL Will be in and out as station is mobile running a route
19:14:47 KE0JKG KE0JKG @ home now
19:19:19 KD0WNE KD0WNE Potentially now under Server Thurnerstrom warning now too
19:21:59 K0EJC K0EJC Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued at 19:16 until 200. Potential for 60 MPH wind gusts
19:22:11 K0EJC K0EJC Correction until 2000
19:23:48 KD0WNE KD0WNE In Gardner now. Heading directly to Independence. High winds seen.
19:27:13 KE0JKG KE0JKG handing off to KE0JJU
19:27:33 KE0JKG KE0JKG Mode set to: Mob
19:27:39 KE0JKG KE0JKG Mode set to:
19:27:44 KI4ULL KI4ULL Traffic set to:
19:27:48 KI4ULL KI4ULL Mode set to: Mob
19:29:57 KE0DDR KE0DDR Asked about the Timeline not updating. Net control walked him through that process
19:31:41 W0TBL W0TBL Role Changed to: PRM
19:31:42 W0TBL W0TBL Mode set to:
19:31:53 W0TBL W0TBL Role Changed to: Log
19:39:47 KD0WNE KD0WNE heading out of Amateur Radio range, but have City Radio and Voxer. Heading Sout of LS
19:40:43 KD0MDF KD0MDF In comms Room shutting the radio
19:41:07 KE0RSS KE0RSS First Log In
19:42:26 KD0MDF KD0MDF Asked if anyone is in the field. Currently have no deployed volunteers
19:43:52 N0KZC N0KZC Traffic set to:
19:44:17 W0TBL W0TBL Marking EOC stations other than MDF as BRB since 6bay radio is off
19:45:15 KE0RSS KE0RSS In the Lee's Summit area. Monitoring
19:47:52 N7AGV N7AGV First Log In
19:48:29 KD0MDF KD0MDF Tornado warning now in effect and Polygon is touching Independence. Sirens being sound.ed
19:48:55 N7AGV N7AGV reports hearing the Sirens
19:55:31 N7AGV N7AGV winds have picked up in your area
19:56:12 KD0WNE KD0WNE Back in range. Signiture between Lees Sumit and Greenview
19:56:55 KD0MDF KD0MDF Sounding Sirens a second time
19:59:10 KD0YZK KD0YZK First Log In
19:59:35 KD0YZK KD0YZK Reported the Sirens shutting off
20:00:38 N7AGV N7AGV High winds. *station is hard to copy per net control
20:04:39 W0TBL W0TBL Potentiall head N7AGv, but not copiable
20:06:07 N0YI N0YI First Log In
20:06:30 N0YI N0YI At home Stone and Washington
20:07:29 KE0RSS KE0RSS Status Changed To: MISSING
20:07:49 AC0SK AC0SK SW cornerTruman and Ash
20:08:41 N7AGV N7AGV 100-200 visibility John drive and 29th
20:10:21 KD0WNE KD0WNE Is NOAA broadcasting?. Yes
20:11:11 KD0MDF KD0MDF Reports NOAA in pleasent hill cutting in and out as well
20:12:00 N7AGV N7AGV 39th street and JAckson ave water over curb
20:13:56 KD0MDF KD0MDF Tornado Warning for Jackson County, Independence is not in polygon, so sirens wil not sound
20:17:12 KA0VXR KA0VXR Asked if Echolink is offline. Net control confirmed it is
20:18:05 KD0WNE KD0WNE Heading south. will have city radio
20:18:32 KD0GCV KD0GCV in basement
20:18:49 KI4ULL KI4ULL 20th and overton
20:19:32 KD0MDF KD0MDF Mode set to:
20:20:08 KD0MDF KD0MDF Status Changed To: MISSING
20:20:20 KD0YZK KD0YZK at home
20:22:47 KD0MDF KD0MDF 11 folks checked into the net right now
20:23:49 N7AGV N7AGV Spec and 23 street. Light to medium rain
20:25:47 KI4ULL KI4ULL flooding
20:26:57 N7AGV N7AGV At home
20:37:46 KE0JJU KE0JJU local raing gauge has 1 inch
20:39:56 KD0GCV KD0GCV no rain or wind
20:43:11 KD0WNE KD0WNE Setting out of Amateur radio range
20:46:38 K0EJC K0EJC Sever thunderstorm and Tornado warnings have cleared
20:59:05 W0KEH W0KEH In Raytown sirens are still going off.
20:59:47 N0YI N0YI clear for the night
21:02:30 AC0SK AC0SK Status Changed To: MISSING
21:03:36 K0EJC K0EJC had KI4UUl as KI4ULL. changing callsigns
21:03:46 KI4UUL KI4UUL First Log In
21:22:59 W0TBL W0TBL The log was closed
6. Prepared By (Name, Call sign)
Tucker Livingston -- W0TBL
7. Date & Time Prepared
Wednesday 5th of August 2020 08:01:23 PM
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