ICS 309
1. Incident Name: Net#: 1338
Eastern Jackson Co. RACES/ECS Weather Net
2. Operational Period (Date/Time)
From: 2019-05-28 18:06:29
To: 2019-05-28 21:04:21
3. Radio Net Name or Position/Tactical Call 4. Radio Operator (Name, Call Sign)
W0TBL - Tucker Livingston Net Control
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
18:06:29 W0TBL W0TBL Tucker Livingston Opened the net from on 145.310(-) No Tone
18:06:29 GENCOMM GENCOMM Kansas City: Partly Cloudy, 79F, wind: SSE @ 18, humidity: 69%
18:13:22 W0TBL W0TBL Role Changed to: Log
18:13:30 K0EJC K0EJC Role Changed to: PRM
18:13:44 KD0WNE KD0WNE 35th and Crissler at home
18:13:55 KD0WNE KD0WNE Storms in Lawrence area
18:14:26 KE0DDR KE0DDR en route to EOC
18:16:28 N0KZC N0KZC Role Changed to: EM
18:17:24 W0TBL W0TBL Vivion and Brighton in the Northland.
18:19:03 KD0MDF KD0MDF Tornado warning for Johnson and Leavenworth county Kansas issues
18:25:45 KD0WNE KD0WNE Tornado emergency for the Lawrence/desoto area.
18:26:04 KE0DDR KE0DDR Arrived at EOC. Marking BRB since he may not be near a radio
18:28:07 KD0MDF KD0MDF Has NCM opened and monitoring as well
18:31:10 K0EJC K0EJC asked for checkins
18:34:04 KD0MDF KD0MDF EOC monitoring NWS chat
18:34:15 KD0WNE KD0WNE Asked if anyone is monitoring NWS Chat
18:35:13 K0EJC K0EJC Tornado warning for Johnson, leavenworth, and wyandotte counties
18:41:42 KD0MDF KD0MDF Wife of KE0JJU is looking to see if he is on frequency.
18:41:58 K0EJC K0EJC Made a call to KE0JJU and did not hear back
18:45:16 AC0SK AC0SK Truman and Maywood at home
18:48:03 KD0MDF KD0MDF needed some help from net control on NCM
18:51:16 KA0VXR KA0VXR At home
18:52:51 KD0WNE KD0WNE heading up stream. Net control passed the frequnecy of the wyandotee repeater on
18:54:00 KA0VXR KA0VXR Just east of EOC before Noland
18:59:16 KD0MDF KD0MDF i70 and wyandotte/leavenworth county
18:59:26 KD0MDF KD0MDF legends area
19:00:11 KD0MDF KD0MDF potential wall cloud and 40 hwy and noland from NWS chat
19:00:49 KD0WNE KD0WNE Switching to city radio
19:06:24 N0EWX N0EWX NOAA weather radio fading for others?
19:06:38 KD0MDF KD0MDF getting reports of NOAA weather radio fading
19:11:06 KD0MDF KD0MDF Tornado Warning for jackson county. Sirens being set off
19:12:08 KE0JJU KE0JJU 35th and Crissler
19:15:34 N7AGV N7AGV behind Centerpoint. Noisy and hard to here
19:15:51 KD0YZK KD0YZK 35th crissler
19:17:07 KE0JJU KE0JJU light rain 435 eastwood
19:18:50 N7AGV N7AGV no lightning, but going from light drizzle to light rain
19:21:32 KE0JJU KE0JJU 435 and truman light drizzle
19:22:14 N7AGV N7AGV rain stopped at his location
19:22:34 KD0YZK KD0YZK 23rd and noland rain has picked up
19:28:03 KD0MDF KD0MDF warning cancelled
19:28:22 AC0SK AC0SK calming
19:28:37 KA0VXR KA0VXR good
19:28:50 N0EWX N0EWX good
19:29:05 KE0JJU KE0JJU wilson and 435
19:29:39 N7AGV N7AGV good
19:29:52 KD0YZK KD0YZK Status Changed To: MISSING
19:30:00 KD0YZK KD0YZK no copy at 729
19:30:10 KD0YZK KD0YZK no copy at 1929
19:30:37 KC0JPN KC0JPN First Log In
19:30:54 KC0JPN KC0JPN dickenson and callsbury
19:32:30 K0EJC K0EJC Flash flood warning
19:35:39 KD0WNE KD0WNE heading back home
19:36:26 KD0YZK KD0YZK no copy at 1936
19:36:58 KD0WNE KD0WNE back in the area
19:37:38 KD0YZK KD0YZK Status Changed To: MISSING
19:39:11 KE0JJU KE0JJU @eoc
19:39:52 K0EJC K0EJC station calling with only noise
19:54:47 KD0WNE KD0WNE bill kidd out near buckner trying via ham radio
20:04:51 KD0WNE KD0WNE back at home
20:05:30 KD0YZK KD0YZK Status Changed To: MISSING
20:05:47 KD0YZK KD0YZK no contact againa t 8 clear
20:06:31 N0EWX N0EWX Status Changed To: MISSING
20:06:41 N0EWX N0EWX no contact at 2006
20:07:05 N7AGV N7AGV Status Changed To: MISSING
20:07:43 KC0JPN KC0JPN good
20:07:50 KA0VXR KA0VXR good
20:08:01 AC0SK AC0SK good
20:14:14 N7AGV N7AGV clear and home
20:14:37 N0EWX N0EWX no contact 2015
20:24:35 KD0MDF KD0MDF bill kidd at eoc. radio was not programmed correctly
20:33:43 K0EJC K0EJC cancelling the usual net
20:39:47 KD0MDF KD0MDF everything is good at EOC
20:39:58 KD0WNE KD0WNE at home still
20:40:57 AC0SK AC0SK good
20:41:01 KA0VXR KA0VXR good
20:41:08 KC0JPN KC0JPN good
20:41:31 N0KZC N0KZC drop the net at 2100 if not further reports
20:43:04 KD0MDF KD0MDF passed on message from N0KZC
20:48:14 KK0KID KK0KID First Log In
20:51:40 K0EJC K0EJC will close net at the end of the next repeater id
20:51:55 KK0KID KK0KID asked fo rNC to monitor a little after as well for radio testing
20:52:13 W0TBL W0TBL will hang out after dropping club call
20:52:24 KD0MDF KD0MDF will also monitor after from eoc
20:56:24 KK0KID KK0KID 24 and salem still copies and hits repeater loud and clear
20:59:26 KK0KID KK0KID fort osage hs everything good
21:01:07 N0KZC N0KZC Role Removed
21:04:21 W0TBL W0TBL The log was closed
6. Prepared By (Name, Call sign)
Tucker Livingston -- W0TBL
7. Date & Time Prepared
Wednesday 5th of August 2020 06:37:36 PM
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