ICS 309
1. Incident Name: Net#: 1342
CREW 2273 Weekly 2 Meter Voice Net
2. Operational Period (Date/Time)
From: 2019-06-02 18:45:49
To: 2019-06-02 19:16:40
3. Radio Net Name or Position/Tactical Call 4. Radio Operator (Name, Call Sign)
K0WAI - Kayli Thompson Net Control
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
18:45:49 K0WAI K0WAI Kayli Thompson Opened the net from on 147.330MHz, T 151.4Hz
18:45:49 GENCOMM GENCOMM Clovis: Mostly Cloudy, 88F, wind: NNW @ 11, humidity: 30%
18:48:41 KE0MQZ KE0MQZ First Log In
18:49:07 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call KE0MQZ with this ID was deleted
18:52:14 K0JSH K0JSH No FCC Record
18:52:34 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call K0JSH with this ID was deleted
18:59:25 WA0TJT WA0TJT Sila and Keith Dayton Ham Activity. Launched balloon. w8bi-11 call for balloon. Great Plain Super Launch this month in Iowa. to look at it. New crew member reach out, unknown status. Email with new venturing officers.
19:00:44 KE0NQG KE0NQG Lots of rain, everybody loves it. Climb to Kaiser event in CA soon.
19:01:23 K0WAT K0WAT Happy to be on.
19:03:14 K7UNA K7UNA Climb to Kaiser. 150 mile bike ride into mountains. Due to snow, probably not all the way to Kaiser Pass, but high in the mountains. James is an Extra. Rain here too. Plants love it.
19:04:56 W0JSH W0JSH Enjoying cooler weather. Hello to all.
19:06:08 KE0NVR KE0NVR Congrats on first net control. New YAESU handheld. Pleasent weather.
19:09:47 K0KEX K0KEX Getting ready for another operation
19:10:21 KE0MQU KE0MQU Close to recent tonado
19:10:41 KE0JKA KE0JKA At hospital event with mom. Lots of fun.
19:14:40 WA0TJT WA0TJT F3 and F4 tonados in the area. Damage in area, wiped out a few houses. Came right at Keith's house, but jumped their house.
19:16:40 K0WAI K0WAI The log was closed
19:17:19 K0WAI K0WAI The log was closed
6. Prepared By (Name, Call sign)
Kayli Thompson -- K0WAI
7. Date & Time Prepared
Wednesday 5th of August 2020 07:01:47 PM
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