ICS 309
1. Incident Name: Net#: 1918
SkyWarn Weather
2. Operational Period (Date/Time)
From: 2020-03-03 16:00:26
To: 2020-03-03 16:23:54
3. Radio Net Name or Position/Tactical Call 4. Radio Operator (Name, Call Sign)
WA0TJT - Keith Kaiser Net Control
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
16:00:26 GENCOMM GENCOMM Kansas City: Clear, 45F, wind: NW @ 7, humidity: 51%
16:00:26 WA0TJT WA0TJT Keith Kaiser Opened the net from on 146.700(-) PL-107.2Hz
16:00:30 GENCOMM GENCOMM Missouri and Kansas Statewide Severe Weather Tornado Drill
16:00:32 K0JPR K0JPR Initial Log In
16:00:35 W0DLK W0DLK Initial Log In
16:00:41 WA0TJT WA0TJT Role Changed to: Log
16:00:45 K0JPR K0JPR Role Changed to: PRM
16:00:49 W0DLK W0DLK Role Changed to: Log
16:01:31 K0DEZ K0DEZ Initial Log In
16:01:53 KC0DDZ KC0DDZ Initial Log In
16:01:57 KD4RUU KD4RUU Initial Log In
16:02:49 KC0DDZ KC0DDZ East of Plaza and hearing sirens
16:02:53 KA0YJE KA0YJE Initial Log In
16:03:11 KU0S KU0S Initial Log In
16:03:23 N0GMG N0GMG Initial Log In
16:03:30 KU0S KU0S hearing sirens
16:03:58 KA0YJE KA0YJE Winchester ave and hear sirens
16:04:50 KB0EMB KB0EMB Initial Log In
16:05:16 KD0FUE KD0FUE Initial Log In
16:06:53 WA0TJT WA0TJT Traffic set to:
16:07:41 KC0ENK KC0ENK Initial Log In
16:07:41 KC0ENK KC0ENK First Log In
16:08:07 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call K0DEZ with this ID was deleted
16:09:28 W0RV W0RV Initial Log In
16:09:28 W0RV W0RV First Log In
16:09:52 KA0SOG KA0SOG Initial Log In
16:10:04 W0RDL W0RDL Initial Log In
16:10:04 W0RDL W0RDL First Log In
16:10:16 N0BKE N0BKE Initial Log In
16:11:13 W0RDE W0RDE Initial Log In
16:11:22 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call W0RDL with this ID was deleted
16:11:22 W0RDL W0RDL tactical Change: DELETE
16:12:52 N0RJC N0RJC Initial Log In
16:14:04 K0KEX K0KEX Initial Log In
16:14:46 KC0AOQ KC0AOQ Initial Log In
16:14:46 KC0AOQ KC0AOQ First Log In
16:14:59 N0UYN N0UYN Initial Log In
16:15:28 K0KEX K0KEX tactical Change: KEX
16:15:50 KU0S KU0S tactical Change: Kris
16:16:07 KC0NVS KC0NVS Initial Log In
16:16:41 KC0NVS KC0NVS 40 Hwy Blue Springs Limit
16:17:05 K0UAA K0UAA Initial Log In
16:17:21 KD0YUJ KD0YUJ Initial Log In
16:19:38 KA0OTL KA0OTL Initial Log In
16:20:58 WA0TJT WA0TJT tactical Change: TJT
16:21:04 W0DLK W0DLK tactical Change: DLK
16:21:24 N0GMG N0GMG tactical Change: GMG
16:23:54 WA0TJT WA0TJT The log was closed
16:31:13 KC0SKY KC0SKY Initial Log In
16:31:13 KC0SKY KC0SKY First Log In
16:41:03 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call KC0SKY with this ID was deleted
16:41:03 KC0SKY KC0SKY tactical Change: DELETE
6. Prepared By (Name, Call sign)
Keith Kaiser -- WA0TJT
7. Date & Time Prepared
Sunday 28th of February 2021 12:35:12 PM
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