ICS 309
1. Incident Name: Net#: 2888
2. Operational Period (Date/Time)
3. Radio Net Name or Position/Tactical Call 4. Radio Operator (Name, Call Sign)
- Net Control
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
00:01:20 KB8JSL KB8JSL tactical Change: vestaburg
00:01:27 N8DE N8DE tactical Change: edmore
00:01:42 KD8FUW KD8FUW tactical Change: shepherd
00:02:05 KD8OZX KD8OZX tactical Change: mount pleasant
00:02:11 NO8V NO8V tactical Change: alma
00:02:16 KF6A KF6A tactical Change: alma
15:46:52 W8RBF W8RBF Initial Log In
15:46:52 W8RBF W8RBF First Log In
15:51:40 KE8GFW KE8GFW canceled
15:51:52 KC8UGW KC8UGW canceled
16:58:53 N8DE N8DE canceled
17:44:39 WB8LBJ WB8LBJ W3W: forcing.gravitate.fluctuate -> Cross Roads: E Center St & S Jeffery St
17:45:21 N8QHN N8QHN W3W: waxing.stamps.tram -> Cross Roads: &
17:45:50 AC8HD AC8HD W3W: parings.bulb.greedy -> Cross Roads: &
17:46:34 W2PMH W2PMH W3W: hurt.chin.bolts -> Cross Roads: N First St & W Wright Ave
17:46:55 N8QHN N8QHN W3W: waxers.stamps.tram -> Cross Roads: S County Farm Rd & Raycraft Dr
17:47:14 AC8HD AC8HD W3W: parings.bulb.greedy -> Cross Roads: &
17:48:35 AC8HD AC8HD W3W: parings.bulb.greedy -> Cross Roads: &
17:49:55 AC8HD AC8HD W3W: persist.latched.satisfy -> Cross Roads: E Warwick Dr & Mary Ct
17:52:25 W8RBF W8RBF tactical Change: mount pleasant
17:52:37 KD8POD KD8POD Role Removed
18:04:33 KC8OUF KC8OUF Status change: Out
18:04:37 KC8OUF KC8OUF Status change: In
18:04:41 WB8LBJ WB8LBJ Status change: In
18:04:48 WB8LBJ WB8LBJ 50 mobile
18:05:27 N8QHN N8QHN 50 mobile
18:06:53 N8QHN N8QHN 50 mobile and 5w ht
18:07:15 AC8HD AC8HD 5w ht
18:07:56 KF6A KF6A 5w base
18:08:31 NO8V NO8V 35 ht base antenna
18:09:10 KD8POD KD8POD 50w base
18:09:56 KD8OZX KD8OZX 50w base
18:11:07 W8RBF W8RBF 50w mobile
18:12:29 KD8ZEQ KD8ZEQ 50w base
18:13:17 KD8DAX KD8DAX 50w base
18:13:24 WX8Z WX8Z 50w base
18:14:06 KD8FUW KD8FUW 25w mobile
18:15:33 KB8JSL KB8JSL 50w base
18:26:47 WB8LBJ WB8LBJ Status change: In
18:27:07 WB8LBJ WB8LBJ 20%static
18:28:43 N8QHN N8QHN 50wmob 100%-5w ht 90%
18:28:48 N8QHN N8QHN Status change: In
18:29:00 KE8GFW KE8GFW Status change: In
18:29:09 KE8GFW KE8GFW Status change: Out
18:29:15 AC8HD AC8HD Status change: In
18:29:28 AC8HD AC8HD 5w ht 100%
18:29:45 KF6A KF6A Status change: In
18:30:04 NO8V NO8V Status change: In
18:30:35 KD8OZX KD8OZX Status change: In
18:30:49 KD8OZX KD8OZX 50w 100%
18:31:23 KD8FUW KD8FUW Status change: In
18:32:14 KD8FUW KD8FUW 10w base 100%
18:32:26 KB8JSL KB8JSL Status change: In
18:32:45 KD8ZEQ KD8ZEQ Status change: In
18:33:17 WX8Z WX8Z Status change: In
18:33:54 WX8Z WX8Z 50w base 100%
18:34:11 KD8DAX KD8DAX Status change: In
18:34:24 KD8DAX KD8DAX 50w 100%
18:34:51 KD8DAX KD8DAX 50w 50%
18:35:21 KD8POD KD8POD Status change: In
18:35:52 W8RBF W8RBF Status change: In
18:36:05 W8RBF W8RBF 10w mob 100%
18:37:52 KC8OUF KC8OUF The log was closed, ICS-214 Created
18:38:15 N8QHN N8QHN Status change: In-Out
18:38:34 KC8OUF KC8OUF The log was closed, ICS-214 Created
20:20:14 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call KE8GFW with this ID was deleted
20:20:24 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call W2PMH with this ID was deleted
20:20:39 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call N8DE with this ID was deleted
20:20:51 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call KC8UGW with this ID was deleted
22:23:32 WEATHER WEATHER Alma: Clear, 62.6F, wind: N @ 0, humidity: 0%
22:23:32 KC8OUF KC8OUF William Rogers Opened the net from on by:
22:23:32 GENCOMM GENCOMM Pre-Build Template Net for use at a later date
22:25:10 WB8LBJ WB8LBJ Initial Log In
22:27:16 KC8OUF KC8OUF Mode set to:
22:27:19 KC8OUF KC8OUF Role Changed to: PRM
22:28:35 N8QHN N8QHN Initial Log In
22:29:22 KE8GFW KE8GFW Initial Log In
22:30:11 AC8HD AC8HD Initial Log In
22:31:01 KF6A KF6A Initial Log In
22:31:22 NO8V NO8V Initial Log In
22:31:37 KD8OZX KD8OZX Initial Log In
22:32:17 W2PMH W2PMH Initial Log In
22:32:36 KD8FUW KD8FUW Initial Log In
22:32:50 KB8JSL KB8JSL Initial Log In
22:33:01 N8DE N8DE Initial Log In
22:33:15 KD8ZEQ KD8ZEQ Initial Log In
22:33:38 WX8Z WX8Z Initial Log In
22:33:49 KD8DAX KD8DAX Initial Log In
22:34:03 KC8UGW KC8UGW Initial Log In
22:34:15 KD8POD KD8POD Initial Log In
23:02:32 WB8LBJ WB8LBJ Traffic set to:
23:02:49 WB8LBJ WB8LBJ Traffic set to:
23:50:25 WB8LBJ WB8LBJ tactical Change: LBJ
23:50:44 WB8LBJ WB8LBJ tactical Change: LBJ SHERIFF DEPARTMENT
23:51:20 N8QHN N8QHN tactical Change: QHN GRATIOT EOC
23:51:51 WB8LBJ WB8LBJ tactical Change: SHERIF DEPARTMENT
23:52:00 N8QHN N8QHN tactical Change: GRATIOT EOC
23:52:26 AC8HD AC8HD tactical Change: GRATIOT HOSPITAL
23:53:26 KE8GFW KE8GFW tactical Change: ALMA FIRE DEPARTMENT
23:53:57 W2PMH W2PMH tactical Change: SHEPHERD RR DEPOT
23:55:22 KC8UGW KC8UGW tactical Change: PERRINTON
23:55:31 KD8POD KD8POD tactical Change: PERRINTON
23:56:13 KD8POD KD8POD tactical Change: mount pleasent
23:56:47 KD8DAX KD8DAX tactical Change: perrinton
23:57:02 WX8Z WX8Z tactical Change: sumner
23:57:37 KD8ZEQ KD8ZEQ tactical Change: blanchard
6. Prepared By (Name, Call sign)
7. Date & Time Prepared
Monday 1st of March 2021 06:45:33 PM
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