ICS 309
1. Incident Name: Net#: 2941
2. Operational Period (Date/Time)
3. Radio Net Name or Position/Tactical Call 4. Radio Operator (Name, Call Sign)
- Net Control
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
12:25:39 WEATHER WEATHER Shawnee: Cloudy, 53.1F, wind: ESE @ 25, humidity: 69%
12:25:39 KD0OBP KD0OBP Diana Fiddick Opened the net from on 145.130MHz No Tone by:
12:26:07 NZ0F NZ0F Initial Log In
12:26:16 NZ0F NZ0F Role Removed
12:27:19 NZ0F NZ0F Role Removed
12:27:36 KD0OBP KD0OBP state Change: KS
12:27:43 KD0OBP KD0OBP county Change: Johnson
12:29:20 NZ0F NZ0F Exercise Manager
12:31:27 KA2FNK KA2FNK Initial Log In
12:32:20 KA2FNK KA2FNK Monitor fldigi and Troubleshooter
12:33:57 N0ENO N0ENO Initial Log In
12:34:21 N0ENO N0ENO TSA EDS Warehouse
12:46:50 WD0DPB WD0DPB Initial Log In
12:46:57 WD0DPB WD0DPB Net Control
12:56:52 K0VAB K0VAB Initial Log In
12:56:52 K0VAB K0VAB First Log In
12:58:04 K0VAB K0VAB Wichita Net Control
12:58:08 KC0QIL KC0QIL Initial Log In
12:58:24 KC0QIL KC0QIL Field Controller
13:00:49 KC0QIL KC0QIL B-6
13:02:08 K0DVP K0DVP Initial Log In
13:02:41 K0NK K0NK Initial Log In
13:03:36 KA0NRZ KA0NRZ Initial Log In
13:04:02 KA8MMI KA8MMI Initial Log In
13:04:21 KB4BML KB4BML Initial Log In
13:04:40 KC0BS KC0BS Initial Log In
13:05:09 KC0EJO KC0EJO Initial Log In
13:06:15 KC0NUG KC0NUG Initial Log In
13:06:15 KC0NUG KC0NUG First Log In
13:07:54 KC1MIZ KC1MIZ Initial Log In
13:08:34 KD0ZKO KD0ZKO Initial Log In
13:08:34 KD0ZKO KD0ZKO First Log In
13:09:41 KE0CGR KE0CGR Initial Log In
13:10:05 KE0VCD KE0VCD Initial Log In
13:10:05 KE0VCD KE0VCD First Log In
13:10:56 K0RSE K0RSE Initial Log In
13:13:16 KF0AWX KF0AWX Initial Log In
13:13:16 KF0AWX KF0AWX First Log In
13:13:33 N0RC N0RC Initial Log In
13:13:48 N0TEK N0TEK Initial Log In
13:14:05 W0MAB W0MAB Initial Log In
13:14:18 W0RDZ W0RDZ Initial Log In
13:14:18 W0RDZ W0RDZ No FCC Record
13:14:49 WA0YQM WA0YQM Initial Log In
13:16:03 W0RDZ W0RDZ just changed call
13:16:11 WA0YQM WA0YQM onsite
13:24:19 K0RSE K0RSE onste
13:25:23 W0SMF W0SMF Initial Log In
13:28:06 KA0NRZ KA0NRZ onsite
13:28:33 KA8MMI KA8MMI onsite
13:28:39 KB4BML KB4BML onsite
13:29:29 KC0EJO KC0EJO onsite
13:29:34 KC0BS KC0BS onsite
13:35:20 WJ0X WJ0X Initial Log In
13:36:55 WJ0X WJ0X On alternate 145.47
13:38:42 N0TEK N0TEK onsite
13:51:55 KC0NUG KC0NUG on location
13:52:10 KC1MIZ KC1MIZ on location
13:52:29 K0VAB K0VAB Unable to reach via HF
13:52:43 N0RC N0RC onsite
13:52:48 K0RSE K0RSE onsite
15:38:39 K0VAB K0VAB Was able to check into International HF net
16:20:01 K0VAB K0VAB Mode set to:
16:57:39 KD0OBP KD0OBP The log was closed, ICS-214 Created
6. Prepared By (Name, Call sign)
7. Date & Time Prepared
Sunday 28th of February 2021 12:15:58 AM
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