ICS 309
1. Incident Name: Net#: 6237
2. Operational Period (Date/Time)
3. Radio Net Name or Position/Tactical Call 4. Radio Operator (Name, Call Sign)
- Net Control
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
12:15:06 WA0TJT UNK NCO 147570 Status change: In
12:15:12 W0DLK UNK NCO 147571 Status change: In
12:15:12 W0DLK UNK NCO 147572 Status change: OUT
12:15:26 W0DLK UNK NCO 147573 Status change: In
12:15:31 NZ0F UNK NCO 147574 Status change: In
12:15:34 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147575 Status change: In
12:16:36 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147576 Status change: OUT
12:17:02 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147577 Status change: In
12:21:17 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147578 Status change: In
12:27:35 KC4WCG UNK NCO 147579 Initial PB Log In
12:27:50 KC4WCG UNK NCO 147580 Status change: In
12:36:10 W0JWT UNK NCO 147581 Status change: In
12:36:32 N0TEK UNK NCO 147582 Status change: In
12:37:17 K0DVP UNK NCO 147583 Status change: In
12:37:31 K0DVP UNK NCO 147584 With CGR
12:37:44 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147585 With DVP
12:44:38 N0TEK UNK NCO 147589 At hanger 4 and met up with Paul. He is Paul's shadow.
12:45:23 N0KW UNK NCO 147591 Status change: In
12:45:56 N0KW UNK NCO 147592 Waiting for shuttle
12:46:43 N0TEK UNK NCO 147593 Radio check - 100%
12:48:51 W0JWT UNK NCO 147595 On site - driveway for shuttle dropoff
12:50:27 K0DVP UNK NCO 147597 Radio check - breaking up a bit with the wind.
12:53:01 N0KW UNK NCO 147599 Has connected up with Deb
12:56:41 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147600 Has connected with Brad and can do Trees Shadow
12:57:19 K0DVP UNK NCO 147601 He copied message from OBP
12:57:30 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 147602 Status change: In
12:57:56 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 147603 On location at the High School and will also have an officer there.
12:58:50 N0TEK UNK NCO 147604 Wants to meet up with tree. invited to call Tree's Shadow directly.
13:00:07 N0TEK UNK NCO 147605 Gave info that there is an individual there to work with Tree.
13:01:02 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147606 She hasn't met up with Brad yet. Has met up with Brad. Will update us when she is with Brad.
13:02:15 N2FSH UNK NCO 147607 Status change: In
13:02:39 N2FSH UNK NCO 147608 Onsite - Hitched a ride with Herb and will meet up wiht Steven.
13:02:49 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147609 Status change: In
13:03:02 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147610 Waiting to meet up wiht Scott.
13:03:53 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147611 She is wiht Brett who is part of Brad's crew.
13:04:32 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147612 Verified what Scott is wearing for ID.
13:06:41 K0DVP UNK NCO 147614 Asked to go direct to Stephen's Shadow
13:07:43 N2FSH UNK NCO 147615 Received message from Trees Shadow.
13:07:57 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147616 Is now with Scott.
13:09:23 N2FSH UNK NCO 147617 Onsite and has picked up
13:10:45 K0DVP UNK NCO 147618 Info for Angelas Shadow.
13:10:55 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147619 copied from Trees Shadow
13:11:38 N0TEK UNK NCO 147620 South side of hanger 4 - Cars need to be moved.
13:12:53 K0DVP UNK NCO 147621 Said that the parking lot problem is being worked on.
13:13:15 N0TEK UNK NCO 147622 Net Control verified Pauls Shadow copied from Tree's Shadow
13:14:54 NZ0F UNK NCO 147623 Going over to the High School to meet up with Bryan.
13:16:45 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147625 Need zip ties for Brads Team - Disregard - they were located.
13:18:50 N0KW UNK NCO 147626 Deb is looking for Angela
13:19:25 N0KW UNK NCO 147627 Requested to go direct to Angela's Shadow.
13:19:44 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147628 Received request for Chairs via Debs Shadow
13:23:19 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147629 Requested schedule - resolved. Top of Page 3
13:23:47 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147630 Volunteers are there.
13:24:55 NZ0F UNK NCO 147631 They would like to have Matt to the Marathon - provided the freq.
13:25:18 KC4WCG UNK NCO 147632 Status change: OUT
13:25:32 KC4WCG UNK NCO 147633 Moved to the Marathon.
13:26:48 K0DVP UNK NCO 147634 Asked relay to Steven's Shadow.
13:27:11 N2FSH UNK NCO 147635 Copied that the printouts were available.
13:31:17 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147636 Asked where Tree is
13:31:26 K0DVP UNK NCO 147637 Just going into the office.
13:31:47 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147638 Copied the traffic
13:32:33 K0DVP UNK NCO 147639 Couple of guys looking for Angela.
13:32:54 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147640 She just left to show some directions and will be back in mins.
13:33:08 K0DVP UNK NCO 147641 copied and will relay the message
13:34:48 N0KW UNK NCO 147642 Looking for Scotts Shadow
13:35:05 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147643 Debs Shadow is looking for Scott.
13:35:51 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147644 Just outside the NE side of the Hanger
13:36:12 N0KW UNK NCO 147645 Copied traffic from Scotts shadow
13:36:42 N0TEK UNK NCO 147646 Looking for the 6-seater golf cart
13:37:15 NZ0F UNK NCO 147647 Net Control asked if he knows where the 6-seater is.
13:38:00 N2FSH UNK NCO 147648 There were 4 golf carts north of the Hanger
13:38:45 N0TEK UNK NCO 147649 NC asked him to go direct with Stevens Shadow
13:40:44 N0TEK UNK NCO 147650 NC let him know that he doesn't know of any 6-seaters - he thinks they are all 4-seaters
13:41:15 W0JWT UNK NCO 147651 Asked about parking.
13:42:04 NZ0F UNK NCO 147652 clarified location of VIP Parking for Shuttle Dropoff JWT
13:43:48 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147656 Asked to go direct with Debs Shadow.
13:44:24 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147657 Asked about starting to move chairs in front of the stage.
13:44:43 N0KW UNK NCO 147658 Need to wait a while.
13:48:36 KC0PNM UNK NCO 147659 Status change: In
13:50:52 KC0PNM UNK NCO 147660 Phone number is 816-506-9693 - She can hear on her radio but can't transmit yet.
13:51:29 NZ0F UNK NCO 147661 Direct to Debs Shadow - Asked location of Beatrice.
13:52:37 N0KW UNK NCO 147662 Clarified location of Beatrice for Comm 1
13:55:14 N0KW UNK NCO 147663 Deb asked if there is a volunteer at the VIP Parking area - NC let him know Beatrice is there.
13:58:18 KC0PNM UNK NCO 147664 Called to NC - needs some help - NC clarified Herb is there - there is a volunteer at the end of the parking lot.
13:59:40 N0TEK UNK NCO 147665 Paul wants to know how many folks can be handled by the stage.
13:59:56 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147666 No problem with 27 people on the stage.
14:01:04 N0KW UNK NCO 147670 Looking for Angela's Shadow - NC asked him to go direct
14:02:16 N2FSH UNK NCO 147673 Looking for Scott to come to the office.
14:02:49 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147679 NC called to Scotts Shadow - with request from Stephens shadow
14:03:22 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147680 Copied the message.
14:04:07 NZ0F UNK NCO 147681 At Hanger 4 and will hang out a while.
14:04:46 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147683 Asked for names of VIP's from VIP Parking to provide to Angela
14:05:21 KC0PNM UNK NCO 147684 NC asked her to call Brads Shadow
14:06:49 KC0PNM UNK NCO 147687 Already a dozen there and no names collected. She will collect their info going forward
14:08:05 K0DVP UNK NCO 147695 Has eyes on Brad in Control Center Office.
14:08:27 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147698 NC verified she copied message from Trees Shadow
14:08:56 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147700 told that Brad is in a meeting and will meet up with him.
14:09:11 K0DVP UNK NCO 147702 Meeting is over and he is in the back room.
14:09:27 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147703 Copied traffic from Tree's Shadow
14:09:50 W0JWT UNK NCO 147704 Confusion re: parking
14:10:26 NZ0F UNK NCO 147707 NC called Comm 1 re: Shuttle Dropoff issue with parking confusion for handicapped parking
14:11:25 KC0PNM UNK NCO 147709 Has names of VIP Parking to relay. Asked to go direct.
14:13:43 W0JWT UNK NCO 147713 NC clarified the parking issue with Comm1 and Shuttle Dropoff copied.
14:15:05 KC0PNM UNK NCO 147714 Asked if she should use the phone to relay names.
14:16:56 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147716 Has a list of VIP's and will take a call from VIP Parking of who is parked.
14:17:50 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147719 NC provide phone number to her
14:19:18 N0TEK UNK NCO 147725 Needs Scott to meet in front of the stage
14:19:47 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147726 Sent a text to VIP Parking of those folks on the list.
14:20:32 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147728 Need volunteers with chairs in front of the stage.
14:21:03 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147729 He will provide volunteers with chairs.
14:24:51 N0TEK UNK NCO 147730 Need Brad up at the stage area
14:25:54 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147731 She copied
14:26:19 N0KW UNK NCO 147732 For Scotts Shadow
14:26:37 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147733 in front of stage
14:26:52 N0KW UNK NCO 147734 Permission to go direct to Scotts Shadow
14:29:03 N0KW UNK NCO 147735 Issues resolved.
14:30:13 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147736 Brad is connected with Paul
14:32:08 N0KW UNK NCO 147737 Asking Angelas Shadow where there are trash bags.
14:32:53 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147738 NC asked if Scott knows where they can find some trash bags.
14:34:07 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147739 Received a couple of messages from VIP Parking.
14:34:29 N0KW UNK NCO 147740 Trash bags located.
14:41:13 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147741 Has Colonel Jordan arrived yet - NC will ask VIP Parking.
14:41:26 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147742 Needs location for Scott
14:41:58 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147743 Scotts Shadow gave location.
14:42:11 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147744 Copied location for Scott
14:43:56 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147745 Colonel Jordan has arrived and working with Brad
14:44:31 NZ0F UNK NCO 147746 Going up to Satellite Parking area
14:46:42 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147747 Looking for Steven location
14:47:08 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147748 Copied location from Stevens Shadow
14:47:30 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147749 for Stevens shadow - NC permission to call direct.
14:48:43 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147750 How full is the VIP Parking lot?
14:50:56 KC0PNM UNK NCO 147751 About a dozen parking spots left
14:51:20 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147752 Copied VIP Parking has dozen spaces left.
14:51:52 NZ0F UNK NCO 147753 Only 1 car in satellite parking - open for use
14:52:16 N2FSH UNK NCO 147754 Stephen back onsite
14:53:23 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147755 Team set to: Volunteer Stage Area
15:00:41 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147757 Needs to contact Colonel Jordan - needed up at the Stage.
15:02:27 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147758 Colonel located and headed to the Stage
15:07:07 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147759 All parking is taken care of.
15:08:09 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147760 Clarifying handicapped parking issue is resolved.
15:09:11 NZ0F UNK NCO 147761 need someone wiht shovel and trash container
15:13:24 N0KW UNK NCO 147762 Looking for Scotts Shadow
15:13:52 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147763 Direct to Scotts Shadow.
15:14:14 N0KW UNK NCO 147764 Wants Scott to come to the Hanger for help with some vehicle
15:15:45 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147765 horse doo doo is taken care of.
15:28:56 KC0PNM UNK NCO 147766 All VIP's have arrived - will be going home.
15:28:59 KC0PNM UNK NCO 147767 Status change: OUT
15:30:22 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147768 Looking for Phil Vandel
15:31:45 NZ0F UNK NCO 147769 Need description for Phil Vandels
15:32:09 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147770 No description available for Phil
15:33:20 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147771 People in hanger lobby and she doesn't know who they are
15:34:16 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147772 NC asked him to check if one of them is Phil Vandel
15:34:47 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147773 No Phil Vandel in that area
15:35:28 N0TEK UNK NCO 147774 NC asked him if he knows anything about the people milling about the Hanger area
15:36:52 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147775 Brad has connected with the person doing the Reinduction Session and it won't be Phil.
15:37:23 N0TEK UNK NCO 147776 They are approved to be in that area and are dealing with the animal display
15:38:46 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147777 Brad wants to know location of Tree
15:39:05 K0DVP UNK NCO 147778 Gave location as the Office
15:39:40 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147779 verified heard he is in the Office
15:42:25 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147780 Asked for comms with Paul - NC gave permission to go direct. She couldn't hear.
15:42:49 N0TEK UNK NCO 147781 Copied traffic from Brad's Shaddow
15:43:35 N0TEK UNK NCO 147782 Changing script
15:47:13 W0JWT UNK NCO 147783 Disabled parking is full.
15:49:05 N2FSH UNK NCO 147784 Left middle school and on his way back to main area
15:52:22 N0KW UNK NCO 147785 Asked for info re: where there is parking. NC clarified.
15:57:01 N2FSH UNK NCO 147786 Steven is back onsite
15:59:13 N2FSH UNK NCO 147787 Where is Angela located?
15:59:40 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147788 At the handicapped parking lot
16:00:05 N2FSH UNK NCO 147789 Copied traffic from Angela's Shadow
16:05:23 K0DVP UNK NCO 147790 North of VIP Parking - can be used for overflow parking or for Handicapped parking.
16:06:37 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147791 Looking for Deb - NC asked him to call directly
16:10:06 NZ0F UNK NCO 147792 There are 12-15 parking spaces available.
16:11:05 N0TEK UNK NCO 147793 Need golf cart to help people back to their vehicles
16:12:27 N0TEK UNK NCO 147794 NC given permission to go direct with Stevens shadow. He let SS know there were carts needed to transport folks,
16:15:39 N2FSH UNK NCO 147795 NC clarified location for pickup is in front of hanger. All is good.
16:20:09 WA0TJT UNK NCO 146646 Keith Kaiser Opened the PB net from on 444.525+ T88.5, 146.550 Simplex by:
16:20:28 WA0TJT UNK NCO 146648 Role Changed to: Log
16:20:33 W0DLK UNK NCO 146649 Initial PB Log In
16:20:41 W0DLK UNK NCO 146650 Role Changed to: Log
16:20:46 WA0TJT UNK NCO 146651 Role Changed to: PRM
16:23:38 WA0TJT UNK NCO 146652 LOCΔ:W3W: dedication.removable.presenter -> Cross Roads: Leawood Dr & Sumner Way St (38.823456,-94.898723)
16:23:44 W0DLK UNK NCO 146653 LOCΔ:W3W: dedication.removable.presenter -> Cross Roads: Leawood Dr & Sumner Way St (38.823456,-94.898723)
16:24:18 WA0TJT UNK NCO 146654 Team set to: Fire Station 83
16:24:27 W0DLK UNK NCO 146655 Team set to: Fire Station 83
16:24:38 W0DLK UNK NCO 146656 Tactical set to: Net
16:24:38 W0DLK UNK NCO 146657 tactical Change
16:25:10 WA0TJT UNK NCO 146658 LOCΔ:State: KS
16:25:15 W0DLK UNK NCO 146659 LOCΔ:State: KS
16:26:59 NZ0F UNK NCO 146660 Initial PB Log In
16:27:15 NZ0F UNK NCO 146661 Tactical set to: COMM 1
16:27:15 NZ0F UNK NCO 146662 tactical Change
16:27:31 W0JWT UNK NCO 147796 Status change: BRB
16:27:40 W0JWT UNK NCO 147797 Grabbing some lunch
16:28:38 NZ0F UNK NCO 146663 LOCΔ:W3W: setback.nicknames.imposed -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Mission Woods Dr (38.834209,-94.895106)
16:29:36 KF0DRN UNK NCO 146664 Initial PB Log In
16:29:49 KF0DRN UNK NCO 146665 Tactical set to: Scotts Shadow
16:29:49 KF0DRN UNK NCO 146666 tactical Change
16:30:08 NZ0F UNK NCO 146667 Team set to: Coordinator
16:30:20 KF0DRN UNK NCO 146668 Team set to: Event Logistics
16:31:13 KF0DRN UNK NCO 146669 LOCΔ:W3W: setback.nicknames.imposed -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Mission Woods Dr (38.834209,-94.895106)
16:31:30 KD0OBP UNK NCO 146670 Initial PB Log In
16:31:41 KD0OBP UNK NCO 146671 Tactical set to: Brads Shadow
16:31:41 KD0OBP UNK NCO 146672 tactical Change
16:32:22 NZ0F UNK NCO 147566 Tactical set to: Comm 1. Ham Shuttle
16:32:22 NZ0F UNK NCO 147567 tactical Change
16:33:19 KD0OBP UNK NCO 146673 Team set to: Stage Area Coordinator
16:33:45 KD0OBP UNK NCO 146674 LOCΔ:W3W: setback.nicknames.imposed -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Mission Woods Dr (38.834209,-94.895106)
16:34:12 N0TEK UNK NCO 146675 Initial PB Log In
16:34:31 N0TEK UNK NCO 146676 Tactical set to: Pauls Shadow
16:34:31 N0TEK UNK NCO 146677 tactical Change
16:34:50 N0TEK UNK NCO 146678 Team set to: Supervising Operations
16:35:22 N0TEK UNK NCO 146679 LOCΔ:W3W: setback.nicknames.imposed -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Overland Park Pl (38.834209,-94.895106)
16:35:49 KD0KEA UNK NCO 146680 Initial PB Log In
16:35:56 KD0KEA UNK NCO 146681 LOCΔ:W3W: setback.nicknames.imposed -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Overland Park Pl (38.834209,-94.895106)
16:36:10 KD0KEA UNK NCO 146682 Team set to: FISH Official
16:36:32 KD0TLP UNK NCO 146683 Initial PB Log In
16:36:40 KD0TLP UNK NCO 146684 LOCΔ:W3W: setback.nicknames.imposed -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Mission Woods Dr (38.834209,-94.895106)
16:36:49 KD0TLP UNK NCO 146685 Team set to: FISH Official
16:36:59 KD0KEA UNK NCO 146686 Team set to: FISH Official
16:38:08 KD0UDD UNK NCO 146687 Initial PB Log In
16:38:17 KD0UDD UNK NCO 146688 LOCΔ:W3W: setback.nicknames.imposed -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Overland Park Pl (38.834209,-94.895106)
16:38:26 KD0UDD UNK NCO 146689 Team set to: FISH Official
16:38:51 KD0UDQ UNK NCO 146690 Initial PB Log In
16:38:56 KD0UDQ UNK NCO 146691 LOCΔ:W3W: setback.nicknames.imposed -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Mission Woods Dr (38.834209,-94.895106)
16:39:05 KD0UDQ UNK NCO 146692 Team set to: FISH Official
16:39:26 KD0UDD UNK NCO 146693 Tactical set to: Ops Tent
16:39:26 KD0UDD UNK NCO 146694 tactical Change
16:44:51 N0KW UNK NCO 146695 Initial PB Log In
16:45:06 N0KW UNK NCO 146696 LOCΔ:W3W: setback.nicknames.imposed -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Mission Woods Dr (38.834209,-94.895106)
16:45:32 N0KW UNK NCO 146697 Team set to: HAM Liaison Operations
16:45:48 N0KW UNK NCO 146698 Tactical set to: Debs Shadow
16:45:48 N0KW UNK NCO 146699 tactical Change
16:46:16 K0DVP UNK NCO 146700 Initial PB Log In
16:46:27 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147798 Looking for Phil Vandel (country singer)
16:46:30 K0DVP UNK NCO 146701 Tactical set to: Trees Shadow
16:46:30 K0DVP UNK NCO 146702 tactical Change
16:46:55 K0DVP UNK NCO 146703 LOCΔ:W3W: setback.nicknames.imposed -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Mission Woods Dr (38.834209,-94.895106)
16:47:04 NZ0F UNK NCO 147799 Is he the guy on stage with the black cowboy hat?
16:47:28 K0DVP UNK NCO 146704 Team set to: Supervising Operations
16:47:44 KE0CGR UNK NCO 146705 Initial PB Log In
16:47:54 KE0CGR UNK NCO 146706 Tactical set to: Angelas Shadow
16:47:54 KE0CGR UNK NCO 146707 tactical Change
16:48:35 KE0CGR UNK NCO 146708 Team set to: Volunteers State Area
16:48:59 KD0KMC UNK NCO 146709 Initial PB Log In
16:49:11 KD0KMC UNK NCO 146710 Tactical set to: Stevens Shadow
16:49:11 KD0KMC UNK NCO 146711 tactical Change
16:50:10 KE0CGR UNK NCO 146712 LOCΔ:W3W: setback.nicknames.imposed -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Mission Woods Dr (38.834209,-94.895106)
16:50:14 KD0KMC UNK NCO 146713 LOCΔ:W3W: setback.nicknames.imposed -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Mission Woods Dr (38.834209,-94.895106)
16:50:45 KD0KMC UNK NCO 146714 Team set to: Transportation Shuttles
16:51:11 W0JWT UNK NCO 146715 Initial PB Log In
16:51:24 W0JWT UNK NCO 146716 Tactical set to: Shuttle Dropoff
16:51:24 W0JWT UNK NCO 146717 tactical Change
16:51:39 W0JWT UNK NCO 146718 LOCΔ:W3W: exploration.hairbrush.dominate -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Overland Park Pl (38.834182,-94.895522)
16:52:07 W0JWT UNK NCO 146719 Team set to: West of Hanger 4
16:52:19 KC0PNM UNK NCO 146720 Initial PB Log In
16:52:30 KC0PNM UNK NCO 146721 Tactical set to: VIP Parking
16:52:30 KC0PNM UNK NCO 146722 tactical Change
16:52:41 KC0PNM UNK NCO 146723 LOCΔ:W3W: duet.unoccupied.bigger -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Overland Park Pl (38.832592,-94.895574)
16:52:46 W0JWT UNK NCO 147800 Status change: In
16:52:53 KC0PNM UNK NCO 146724 Team set to: Signature Aviation
16:53:16 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 146725 Initial PB Log In
16:53:31 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 146726 Tactical set to: General Parking
16:53:31 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 146727 tactical Change
16:53:51 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 146728 LOCΔ:W3W: vibrate.unfinished.elevations -> Cross Roads: Waverly Rd & King Ct (38.816529,-94.941739)
16:54:30 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 146729 Team set to: Gardner-Edgerton High School
16:57:54 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 146730 LOCΔ:W3W: bravo.disdain.shepherdess -> Cross Roads: N Laurel St & Jefferson St (38.816394,-94.94167)
17:02:51 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 147801 Status change: BRB
17:02:51 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 147802 Status change: BRB
17:08:52 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 146731 LOCΔ:W3W: bravo.disdain.shepherdess -> Cross Roads: N Laurel St & Jefferson St (38.816394,-94.94167)
17:09:49 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 146732 LOCΔ:LAT: 38.816653 This also changed the grid value
17:10:02 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 146733 LOCΔ:LON: -94.941752 This also changed the grid value
17:11:49 W0JWT UNK NCO 146734 LOCΔ:State: KS
17:11:54 KC0PNM UNK NCO 146735 LOCΔ:State: KS
17:12:00 N0KW UNK NCO 146736 LOCΔ:State: KS
17:14:15 N0KW UNK NCO 147803 Prescription sunglasses missing and if they get turned in she would need to know.
17:15:22 NZ0F UNK NCO 147806 Role Removed
17:17:06 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147807 Brad is not needed anymore so she can be relieved. She is available for additional assignments if needed.
17:17:33 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147808 Status change: OUT
17:17:53 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147809 Status change: In
17:17:53 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147810 Status change: In
17:18:51 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147811 Status change: In
17:21:30 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147812 Tactical set to: Chris Shadow
17:21:30 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147813 tactical Change
17:21:48 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147814 Status change: Assigned
17:22:21 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147815 She is now assigned as Chris's Shadow
17:28:35 W0JWT UNK NCO 147817 Volunteers need to know where to dump the trash.
17:29:08 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147818 Back side of the hanger there is a huge dumpster.
17:31:50 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 147819 Status change: In
17:33:52 N2FSH UNK NCO 146737 Initial PB Log In
17:34:24 N2FSH UNK NCO 146738 Tactical set to: Stevens Shadow
17:34:24 N2FSH UNK NCO 146739 tactical Change
17:34:41 N2FSH UNK NCO 146740 LOCΔ:W3W: setback.nicknames.imposed -> Cross Roads: Gardner Dr & Mission Woods Dr (38.834209,-94.895106)
17:34:55 N2FSH UNK NCO 146741 Team set to: Transportation Shuttles
17:36:44 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147820 Status change: In
17:36:55 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147821 Chris will be gone temporarily
17:40:33 N0KW UNK NCO 147822 Need to get someone to bring a cart and bring it to pick up garbage.
17:40:52 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147823 Scotts shadow will answer the call for Deb's Shadow.
17:54:25 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147824 Need Paul to the stage
17:54:41 N0TEK UNK NCO 147825 Responded he will get Paul to the Stage
17:55:45 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147826 Got permission to go direct to Tree Shadow. Requested they go to stage with T-shirt and hat.
17:56:38 K0DVP UNK NCO 147827 Will deliver to Chris's Shadow as requested.
18:04:00 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147828 Completed duties as Chris's Shadow. Still here and available for assignment
18:13:20 NZ0F UNK NCO 147829 Call for Tree's Shadow and another ham to go to the office.
18:17:16 NZ0F UNK NCO 147831 Request for a call on his phone from NC.
18:18:31 N0KW UNK NCO 147832 There is a rumor there might be an early closing -
18:19:26 NZ0F UNK NCO 147833 We will be shutting down early due to wx conditions. Will start to wind down in the next half hour. Asked NC to announce this.
18:19:59 N0KW UNK NCO 147834 Obviously the rumors were true.
18:34:28 N0KW UNK NCO 147837 looking for help folding tables and cleaning supplies
18:41:05 NZ0F UNK NCO 147838 Direct to General Parking to check to see if most of the cars are gone.
18:41:29 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 147839 Not more than 3 vehicles left.
18:41:55 NZ0F UNK NCO 147840 Gave General Parking the OK to be done.
18:42:25 KB0ZWA UNK NCO 147841 Status change: OUT
18:43:59 W0JWT UNK NCO 147842 Status change: OUT
18:44:52 NZ0F UNK NCO 147843 Will pick up hams at the west side of hanger for to get them shuttled to their vehicles.
18:58:36 NZ0F UNK NCO 147844 ready to take back anyone who is released.
18:59:47 K0DVP UNK NCO 147845 heading back to the hanger
19:03:16 NZ0F UNK NCO 147846 lost cell phone was turned into him. Wants to ask Tree's Shadow what should be done with it.
19:03:48 K0DVP UNK NCO 147847 Asked Tree - asked them to put the phone in the Office and they will handle it.
19:07:37 N2FSH UNK NCO 147848 Status change: OUT
19:08:35 KD0OBP UNK NCO 147849 Status change: OUT
19:10:53 NZ0F UNK NCO 147850 Headed back to hanger 4
19:12:16 N0KW UNK NCO 147851 looking for a large sledge hammer
19:13:15 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147852 laying in the bed of the 150
19:13:23 N0KW UNK NCO 147853 bed of truck is locked.
19:13:47 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147854 Will be at the truck in a couple of mins.
19:19:12 K0DVP UNK NCO 147855 Status change: OUT
19:19:49 K0DVP UNK NCO 147856 Status change: In
19:19:55 K0DVP UNK NCO 147857 Status change: OUT
19:20:13 K0DVP UNK NCO 147858 Status change: BRB
19:21:42 N0KW UNK NCO 147859 Found the owner of the cell phone.
19:24:54 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147860 Has been released
19:24:57 KF0DRN UNK NCO 147861 Status change: OUT
19:26:07 K0DVP UNK NCO 147862 Status change: OUT
19:26:28 K0DVP UNK NCO 147863 Status change: In
19:26:29 K0DVP UNK NCO 147864 Status change: In
19:27:04 N0KW UNK NCO 147865 Has been released
19:27:07 N0KW UNK NCO 147866 Status change: OUT
19:27:38 NZ0F UNK NCO 147867 Has everyone except Dave and is headed back to FS 83
19:27:52 KE0CGR UNK NCO 147868 Status change: OUT
19:27:58 N0TEK UNK NCO 147869 Status change: OUT
19:28:43 NZ0F UNK NCO 147870 Herb will circle back to pick up David after dropping off the others.
19:38:26 K0DVP UNK NCO 147871 David is being dropped at FS 83
19:38:35 NZ0F UNK NCO 147872 On his way back to FS 83
19:45:54 K0DVP UNK NCO 147873 Status change: OUT
19:46:00 NZ0F UNK NCO 147874 Status change: OUT
6. Prepared By (Name, Call sign)
7. Date & Time Prepared
Tuesday 28th of March 2023 03:21:22 AM
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