ICS 309
1. Incident Name: Net#: 684
KCNARES Weekly 2m Digital Net
2. Operational Period (Date/Time)
From: 2018-06-10 19:47:51
To: 2018-06-10 21:17:19
3. Radio Net Name or Position/Tactical Call 4. Radio Operator (Name, Call Sign)
W0KCN - Rick (K0KEX) SMITH Net Control
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
13:43:19 KD0AOP KD0AOP Mode set to: V&D
13:43:19 KA0JJH KA0JJH Mode set to: V&D
13:43:19 KD0AOP KD0AOP Status Changed To: Out
13:43:19 KA0JJH KA0JJH FSQ
13:43:19 KA0JJH KA0JJH Some errors
13:43:19 KA0JJH KA0JJH 3rd time no Rcvd Msgs
19:47:51 K0KEX K0KEX Rick Smith Opened the net from on 147.330MHz, T 151.4Hz
19:47:51 GENCOMM GENCOMM Trimble: Clear, 87.8F, wind: SSE @ 5, humidity: 49%
20:04:12 WA0TJT WA0TJT Role Changed to: Log
20:04:40 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call AA0AX with this ID was deleted
20:12:03 KC0RRS KC0RRS Mode set to: Dig
20:12:22 KD0LJB KD0LJB Mode set to: V&D
20:12:52 WA0TJT WA0TJT Mode set to: V&D
20:13:38 AA0DV AA0DV Mode set to: V&D
20:16:23 KD0LJB KD0LJB Status Changed To: Out
20:18:54 WA0TJT WA0TJT FSQ
20:19:03 W0KCN W0KCN Mode set to: V&D
20:19:06 W0KCN W0KCN FSQ
20:19:31 KC0RRS KC0RRS FSQ
20:31:03 WA0TJT WA0TJT Copied message but it did not open Rcvd Msgs
20:31:32 AA0DV AA0DV Copied message but it did not open Rcvd Msgs
20:32:33 W0KCN W0KCN A little static on your signal while sending the CSV file
20:37:23 KC0RRS KC0RRS Some missing characters
20:40:34 KC0RRS KC0RRS Auto switch to wrong mode, and lots of errors
20:45:57 W0KCN W0KCN 4th xmit still has static on signal am recording
20:49:07 WA0TJT WA0TJT 5th xmit Rcvd Msgs populated
20:49:26 WA0TJT WA0TJT 100% copy but some unknown characters
20:49:39 W0KCN W0KCN 5th xmit was at slower speed
20:50:28 NJ0P NJ0P came thru as spreadsheet
20:55:39 W0KCN W0KCN Successful CSV file opened in Numbers
20:58:45 KC0RRS KC0RRS Small errors with data seen
21:09:04 AK0SK AK0SK Excel converted to CSV has loss of macros and other info.
21:09:16 AK0SK AK0SK No advantage to converting to CSV
21:10:01 NJ0P NJ0P Status Changed To: Out
21:10:37 KA0SXY KA0SXY Sila was correct
21:11:15 KA0SXY KA0SXY Our job is to communicate
21:12:20 KA0SXY KA0SXY Bring HTS to 6/28 NARES meeting
21:12:45 AA0DV AA0DV Enjoyed this training tonight
21:15:01 WA0TJT WA0TJT Slow down the send is helpful
21:15:26 WA0TJT WA0TJT Successful CSV file opened in Numbers
21:17:19 WA0TJT WA0TJT The log was closed
6. Prepared By (Name, Call sign)
7. Date & Time Prepared
Saturday 22nd of February 2020 12:26:54 AM
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