ICS 309
1. Incident Name: Net#: 7336
Leavenworth County KS ARES Weekly ARES Net
2. Operational Period (Date/Time)
From: 2022-09-30 00:25:02
To: 2022-09-30 01:01:13
3. Radio Net Name or Position/Tactical Call 4. Radio Operator (Name, Call Sign)
K0MDP - Max Pfrimmer Net Control
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
00:25:02 K0MDP UNK NET 173941 Max Pfrimmer Opened the net from on 147.000 MHz T151.4 Hz FM by:
00:37:41 KZ0IMO UNK NET 173957 Final preparations for the SET exercise.
00:38:43 KF0KBC UNK NET 173958 Finishing up SET preparations as well.
00:39:55 KA0ARW UNK NET 173959 Doing well. Enjoyed 40m net. Wished everyone a fine weekend.
00:40:36 KD7QOR UNK NET 173960 All's quiet on the Knob. Looking forward to the SET.
00:41:43 N0CS UNK NET 173961 Changing weather causing congestion for wife. Just wanted to get checked in.
00:42:39 W0SER UNK NET 173962 Family coming in tonight. Enjoying the weather. Final preparations for SET.
00:43:30 KA3LOC UNK NET 173963 Getting ready for SET. Wished everyone a good evening.
00:43:48 N0ZZN UNK NET 173964 Enjoying the Fall weather.
00:53:21 KA0DJR UNK NET 173965 Reminder of Winlink Thursday exercise schedule, Goblin Patrol, Veteran's Day Parade and next club meeting.
00:54:08 KA3LOC UNK NET 173967 Getting ready for SET. Wished everyone a good evening.
00:54:39 WA0SRS UNK NET 173968 Wished everyone well for the SET exercise.
00:55:40 KE0SYO UNK NET 173970 Looking forward to the SET.
6. Prepared By (Name, Call sign)
Max Pfrimmer -- K0MDP
7. Date & Time Prepared
Friday 1st of March 2024 02:13:45 AM
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