ICS 309
1. Incident Name: Net#: 7378
Jackson County ARES KC Metro ARES Digital Training
2. Operational Period (Date/Time)
From: 2022-10-06 00:44:51
To: 2022-10-06 03:01:32
3. Radio Net Name or Position/Tactical Call 4. Radio Operator (Name, Call Sign)
KA0YJE - Larry Widener Net Control
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
00:44:51 KA0YJE UNK NET 175294 Larry Widener Opened the net from on 146.820MHz PL 151.4 by:
01:05:34 W0NRP UNK NET 175319 W0KRS
01:06:46 N6OPE UNK NET 175326 Continue to change equipment
01:16:37 N0DPR UNK NET 175327 Icom 731a and signalink connected to back of the radio
01:25:13 KC0RRS UNK NET 175328 Been coping ok, last one switched to 1200 on WF
01:25:27 KC0RRS UNK NET 175329 What mode is OPE in?
01:26:12 N6OPE UNK NET 175330 BPSK-125 - switched to current mode rx and tx id green
01:27:33 KC0RRS UNK NET 175331 Should announce the mode b4 xmitting
01:29:03 N6OPE UNK NET 175332 FTM300d radio
01:40:20 KC0RRS UNK NET 175333 Does the 300 have a digital setting ?
01:55:23 N0DPR UNK NET 175334 Received test message
02:28:54 N6OPE UNK NET 175359 Able to receive and transmit with acoustic
02:29:44 N0DPR UNK NET 175360 Not transmitting, N0BKE not able to copy on repeater input
02:32:18 N0BKE UNK NET 175361 Good net good to check settings
02:32:39 KA0YJE UNK NET 175362 Good review, 1 setting missing, dont remember
02:33:39 N0UYN UNK NET 175363 Welcome to the new members, need to be slower on the mic button, several on at the time
02:33:54 N0UYN UNK NET 175364 Winlink Thursday !
02:34:15 W0NRP UNK NET 175365 Info on winlink Thursday
02:35:04 K0RGB UNK NET 175366 Enjoyed this, learned/forgot some things, problem receiving OPE's messages possibly just off 1500 on WF
02:36:16 N0DPR UNK NET 175367 Interesting, good learning experience, well worth the time
02:37:42 KC0RRS UNK NET 175368 ?'s, re last message, how many blocks 9 or 10, WF shifted, missed the header, but possibly header sent 2 times
02:37:55 W0NRP UNK NET 175369 9 blocks, header 2x times
02:38:46 KC0RRS UNK NET 175370 Rsid problem? delay on SL turned up a bit? -
02:39:07 W0NRP UNK NET 175371 Shifting freq due to color of Rsid
02:41:49 KC0RRS UNK NET 175372 Possibly in my system
02:42:11 KC0RRS UNK NET 175373 Brad, try tune button or video id to check xmit
02:44:43 N6OPE UNK NET 175374 Last trasmission did not switch, should have switched but possibly not the message
02:46:50 K0KEX UNK NET 175375 Search passband
02:49:35 N6OPE UNK NET 175376 Thanks, speaker needs to be close to computer mic, KCHeart involved in SET, most had problems send/rec fldig messages, we have a roll to fill
02:50:23 W0NRP UNK NET 175377 Need more operators on Fldigi
02:55:09 K0KEX UNK NET 175378 Welcome new members, RE KC Heart problem probably signal levels, review sound card calibration, 82 and 33 Fusion systems, need to wait for the repeater to acquire the type of transmisison
02:56:14 W0NRP UNK NET 175379 Not a lot of digital except for the nets, possibly a frequency for passing messages
02:57:08 N0UYN UNK NET 175380 Acoustic coupling, TJT uses this mode most of the time
02:59:10 K0KEX UNK NET 175381 FM call channel, 145.680 simplex stations using flq call stand alone program HF 3598 USB, MODES on Thursday morning 10 AM
02:59:57 N6OPE UNK NET 175382 SERTS drill might bring ops to this digital mode
03:01:00 W0NRP UNK NET 175383 Long net but worth the time
03:01:23 W0NRP UNK NET 175384 Hope someone made notes
6. Prepared By (Name, Call sign)
Larry Widener -- KA0YJE
7. Date & Time Prepared
Sunday 21st of April 2024 10:38:23 PM
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