ICS 309
1. Incident Name: Net#: 7759
Leavenworth County KS ARES Weekly ARES Training Net
2. Operational Period (Date/Time)
From: 2022-11-28 01:19:27
To: 2022-11-28 02:00:21
3. Radio Net Name or Position/Tactical Call 4. Radio Operator (Name, Call Sign)
NB0R - Brian Resch Net Control
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
01:20:48 KF0KBC UNK NCO 184932 Traffic set to:
01:20:52 KF0KBC UNK NCO 184933 Role Changed to: Log
01:33:41 KF0KBC UNK NCO 184966 thanks keith! -Rox
01:34:19 KY0SYO UNK NCO 184967 No FCC Record
01:34:57 KY0SYO UNK NCO 184973 ke0syo
01:35:12 NN0CS UNK NCO 184974 No FCC Record
01:35:58 KF0KBC UNK NCO 184981 NCM is till laggy
01:42:28 NJ0P UNK NCO 185004 me-rox
01:43:51 NJ0P UNK NCO 185005 Thanks to all who participated in the SJH Star lighting//recommended a PIO for the group// will start firming up the FY23 annual training schedule// working on tasks books and getting people recognized and getting badges updated// current task is Excel// AUXCOMM is also on the updated Taskbook form// KCHeart training in Jan and hope to get badges done at same time
01:46:22 KE0SYO UNK NCO 185010 also mentioned issue with NCM// relayed to Rick that he has a POC for the Task book program.
01:47:27 K0MDP UNK NCO 185011 not much for the net// had a great Thanksgiving// enjoyed Star lighting//
01:48:11 KZ0IMO UNK NCO 185012 sore throat// nothing for net
01:48:58 KA3LOC UNK NCO 185013 been playing with HF CW// worked some new countries
01:50:15 KD0QXR UNK NCO 185016 not much for net// enjoy's picking up info from others on net
01:51:31 KF0ROB UNK NCO 185017 still recovering from Thanksgiving//setting up 991 to talk on HF and looking to learn CW
01:52:52 N0CS UNK NCO 185018 not much else to add// looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday
01:54:07 KD7QOR UNK NCO 185020 mentioned that if anyone needs assistance with Echolink they can contact him
01:55:02 NJ0P UNK NCO 185023 no personal comments other than appreciates what everyone does for the group at large.
01:56:19 W0LYQ UNK NCO 185025 has extensive use in Echolink
01:58:54 KF0KOS UNK NCO 185031 no comments for net
6. Prepared By (Name, Call sign)
Brian Resch -- NB0R
7. Date & Time Prepared
Sunday 2nd of April 2023 03:51:11 AM
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