ICS 309
1. Incident Name: Net#: 8021
PCARG Weekly 2 Meter Voice
2. Operational Period (Date/Time)
From: 2023-01-04 01:29:06
To: 2023-01-04 01:53:07
3. Radio Net Name or Position/Tactical Call 4. Radio Operator (Name, Call Sign)
KA0SXY - Dennis Carpenter Net Control
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
01:31:28 KD0NBH UNK NCO 192092 Role Changed to: Log
01:31:53 N0BKE UNK NCO 192094 Role Changed to: 2nd
01:32:51 N0UYN UNK NCO 192097 Status change: In-Out
01:33:21 N0UYN UNK NCO 192098 Happy New Year to all
01:36:01 WA0JSB UNK NCO 192108 Status change: OUT
01:37:31 WA0JSB UNK NCO 192109 In Branson, nice day today
01:37:56 KC0YT UNK NCO 192110 Still working on antennas after all these years
01:38:44 KC0RYF UNK NCO 192111 Very grateful and happy, cousin had triple bypass surgery this AM and came through fine.
01:40:05 KC0RRS UNK NCO 192112 Blind friend with multiple surgeries, in need of a personal care attendant. Bruce spent several hour there today helping.
01:40:30 WA0TJT UNK NCO 192113 Little colder out today than expected.
01:41:10 N0RJC UNK NCO 192114 Hope everyone had a great New Year and good holiday. Hard to get back in the grind.
01:41:38 K0RGB UNK NCO 192115 No too much going on, Happy New Year everybody.
01:42:24 W0JSH UNK NCO 192116 GE all, enjoyed seeing everyone Saturday. Got the oil changed in the Buick today.
01:42:59 KF0KVO UNK NCO 192117 Wishing all a Happy New Year, struggling with the New Years resolution 3 days in.
01:43:05 K2SCST UNK NCO 192118 No FCC Record
01:45:39 K2SCT UNK NCO 192124 GE All. Been away for a while, glad to be back. Winter Heat event going on during January. Google Winter Heat for details.
01:46:11 AB0GD UNK NCO 192125 Back to work day. Chilly out today.
01:47:33 K0KEX UNK NCO 192126 GE. SKCC started the January K3Y anniversary event.
01:50:47 KA0SXY UNK NCO 192127 Thanks to all that attended the PCARG breakfast last Saturday. 3/25/23 the Liberty/William Jewell 5K and half marathon run, VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. See Northland ARES website for sign up details.
01:52:58 K0RGB UNK NCO 192128 I'm
01:53:24 KF0KVO UNK NCO 192130 Traffic set to:
6. Prepared By (Name, Call sign)
Dennis Carpenter -- KA0SXY
7. Date & Time Prepared
Monday 27th of March 2023 04:25:45 AM
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