ICS 309
1. Incident Name: Net#: 867
KCNARES SET Exercise Net
2. Operational Period (Date/Time)
From: 2018-10-06 07:02:40
To: 2018-10-06 12:02:39
3. Radio Net Name or Position/Tactical Call 4. Radio Operator (Name, Call Sign)
W0KCN - Keith (WA0TJT) Kaiser Net Control
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
Call Sign/ID | Msg #
07:02:40 GENCOMM GENCOMM Kansas City: Cloudy, 32F, wind: N @ 0, humidity: 0%
07:02:40 WA0TJT WA0TJT Keith Kaiser Opened the net from on 146.790MHz, T 107.2Hz
07:02:55 GENCOMM GENCOMM SET OP 8 am SET players report to assignments - 146.790 Net 08:05 am N/C WA0TJT
07:06:12 GENCOMM GENCOMM SET OP 8 am SET players report to assignments - 146.790 Net 08:05 am N/C WA0TJT
07:09:10 W0DLK W0DLK Role Changed to: Log
07:41:17 WA0JSB WA0JSB This is a dupe
07:41:36 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call WA0JSB with this ID was deleted
07:43:22 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call AD0YN with this ID was deleted
07:47:05 GENCOMM GENCOMM W0KCN checked in to Regional at 7:46am
07:51:13 N0UYN N0UYN on-site FS2
08:01:35 GENCOMM GENCOMM Exercise Start 8:00
08:07:15 GENCOMM GENCOMM WA0TJT announced EXERCISE opened at 8:05
08:11:49 KD0FUE KD0FUE Requested to call K0KEX on phone
08:14:16 KA0SXY KA0SXY Called by W0KCN - not heard
08:16:03 W0KCN W0KCN Call to Platte County Res Ctr - confirmed no operation there
08:16:39 GENCOMM GENCOMM Confirmation - no operation at Platte County Resource Center
08:17:53 WA0JSB WA0JSB enroute to St Lukes
08:25:33 W0KCN W0KCN Call out to PC EOC
08:25:56 W0KCN W0KCN Sub-net opened for Digital Net 868
08:30:36 W0KCN W0KCN Call for additional check-ins
08:36:08 WA0JSB WA0JSB Arrived at Barry St Lukes
08:37:21 KA0SXY KA0SXY Called from mobile command and working on WinLink capability
08:38:36 KD0FUE KD0FUE 35 minutes out to CC EOC per request
08:44:36 KE0JKA KE0JKA Role Changed to: LSN
08:46:24 KE0JKA KE0JKA Called in to note he could be LSN to Regional
08:48:20 W0KCN W0KCN Call to AK0SK for status check
08:49:04 AK0SK AK0SK Advised NC they are in process of setting up digital and will report when completed
08:58:25 KD0FUE KD0FUE Arrived at CC EOC
08:59:02 KD0FUE KD0FUE Arrived at Clay EOC
09:02:10 KC0YSH KC0YSH Monitoring only
09:03:01 W0KCN W0KCN Call to LSN to Regional - JKA
09:03:17 W0KCN W0KCN Nothing heard from LSN to Reg
09:04:09 W0KCN W0KCN Call to JKA - again
09:04:30 KE0JKA KE0JKA Responded - very weak voice response
09:05:43 KE0JKA KE0JKA JKA responded - PRM checking status and discovered he is not receiving from Reg
09:06:03 W0KCN W0KCN Roll Call to all
09:06:21 AK0SK AK0SK Responded
09:06:30 N0UYN N0UYN Responded
09:06:54 N0RL N0RL Responded
09:07:04 KC0YT KC0YT Responded
09:07:13 KA0SXY KA0SXY responded
09:07:37 WA0JSB WA0JSB Status Changed To: MSSING
09:08:24 KC0RWD KC0RWD Responded
09:08:35 KD0HFX KD0HFX Responded
09:08:52 WB5RKU WB5RKU Responded - poor copy
09:09:19 KE0MQU KE0MQU Responded
09:09:29 KD0YEX KD0YEX Responded
09:10:17 KD0FUE KD0FUE Responded
09:10:56 KC0YSY KC0YSY Status Changed To: MSSING
09:14:28 KE0JKA KE0JKA JKA announced he was able to establish comms with Reg
09:23:16 W0KCN W0KCN NC did ID of WOKCN and asked for additional check-ins
09:45:32 KC0YSY KC0YSY YSY did radio check and verified that both he and JSB are still there.
09:45:37 WA0JSB WA0JSB Status Changed To: In
09:45:42 KC0YSY KC0YSY Status Changed To: In
09:47:27 W0DLK W0DLK Status Changed To: BRB
09:50:46 W0KCN W0KCN PNC announced the station and asked for additional check-ins
09:50:57 W0DLK W0DLK Status Changed To: In
09:53:39 KC0FKL KC0FKL First Log In
09:54:00 KA0FKL KA0FKL First Log In
09:54:18 KA0FKL KA0FKL This is a dupe
09:54:41 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call KC0FKL with this ID was deleted
09:54:51 GENCOMM GENCOMM The call KA0FKL with this ID was deleted
09:57:07 N0UYN N0UYN Announced Clay County Digital is operational
09:57:38 AA0DV AA0DV Monitoring only
10:02:21 GENCOMM GENCOMM JKA announced the Salvation Army Unification Station is open and operational.
10:02:43 W0KCN W0KCN Call to SXY to find out if Winlink is up and operational
10:03:05 KA0SXY KA0SXY Responded that Winlink is up and operational
10:06:56 KD0FUE KD0FUE Announced that Winlink is up and operational
10:12:05 AK0SK AK0SK Announced the digital net is up and operational
10:13:10 WA0JSB WA0JSB YSB announced they are completed at St Lukes - both JSB and YSY will be out.
10:13:16 WA0JSB WA0JSB Status Changed To: Out
10:13:34 KC0YSY KC0YSY Status Changed To: Out
10:13:53 WA0JSB WA0JSB Status Changed To: In
10:14:27 WA0JSB WA0JSB JSB will be enroute to the Clay EOC
10:23:11 W1WCU W1WCU checked-in with TT# to APRS
10:25:40 W0KCN W0KCN call for entry of TT #'s for APRS
10:26:18 W0KCN W0KCN Call to MQU to enter TT#
10:27:14 KD0FUE KD0FUE Entered TT # for location to APRS
10:32:09 K0KEX K0KEX Entered TT# for APRS location
10:47:26 KE0MQU KE0MQU Announced sending TT Location
10:50:59 KC0YSY KC0YSY DMR net is closing
10:51:40 KA0SXY KA0SXY SXY announced he is closing the DMR Net
10:52:39 KA0SXY KA0SXY Announced the Winlink operation is officially closed
10:57:41 KE0MQU KE0MQU TT # received by APRS
11:13:49 KE0JKA KE0JKA requested to go direct to Zona Rosa Command
11:15:25 W0KCN W0KCN WOKCN let JKA know he needed to contact PC for Zona Rosa Command
11:17:34 KC0YT KC0YT Let WOKCN know they were having with digital
11:18:03 W0KCN W0KCN Asked SXY to provide assistance to PC Digital
11:19:19 KA0SXY KA0SXY Assisted PC Digital via voice
11:30:19 KC0YT KC0YT Let NC know that the digital message went through OK.
11:33:20 W0KCN W0KCN Received calls from the 2 digital nets that they were closing their nets.
11:38:44 WA0JSB WA0JSB Status Changed To: Out
11:39:37 W1WCU W1WCU Status Changed To: Out
11:50:29 N0UYN N0UYN Status Changed To: Out
11:50:41 N0RL N0RL Status Changed To: Out
11:51:52 KC0YT KC0YT Status Changed To: MSSING
11:52:15 KA0SXY KA0SXY Status Changed To: Out
11:52:57 KD0HFX KD0HFX Status Changed To: Out
11:53:05 KC0RWD KC0RWD Status Changed To: Out
11:53:13 WB5RKU WB5RKU Status Changed To: Out
11:53:31 KE0MQU KE0MQU Status Changed To: Out
11:53:39 KC0YT KC0YT Status Changed To: Out
11:54:06 KD0YEX KD0YEX Status Changed To: MSSING
11:54:13 KD0FUE KD0FUE Status Changed To: Out
11:54:21 KC0YSH KC0YSH Status Changed To: Out
11:54:29 AA0DV AA0DV Status Changed To: Out
11:54:50 KA0FKL KA0FKL Status Changed To: Out
11:55:57 W0KCN W0KCN Asked JKA to let Reg know we are closing at Noon
11:56:33 K0KEX K0KEX Status Changed To: Out
11:56:47 AK0SK AK0SK Status Changed To: Out
11:56:55 W0JSH W0JSH Status Changed To: Out
12:02:23 KD0YEX KD0YEX Status Changed To: Out
12:02:39 W0DLK W0DLK The log was closed
12:03:26 W0DLK W0DLK Status Changed To: Out
6. Prepared By (Name, Call sign)
Keith (WA0TJT) Kaiser -- W0KCN
7. Date & Time Prepared
Wednesday 23rd of October 2019 01:11:31 AM
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